Broken Ankle Recovery Guide

The process of broken ankle recovery takes some time, however it is one the most common bone or joint injuries and only requires surgery in severe cases. They can occur in a wide variety of ways, and the injury itself can take on a wide variety of forms. This guide will inform you about what the causes of a fractured ankle, primary symptoms, and tips to reduce broken ankle recovery time.

What Causes a Broken Ankle?

A fractured ankle is a common injury that can occur in a wide variety of ways. Thankfully, the road to broken ankle recovery is not as strenuous as that of many other bone fractures, but should still be taken very seriously. About half of all ankle injuries occur due to athletic activities, with the other half coming from regular day-to-day events. It can be a result of:

  • Rolling your ankle, stepping on uneven ground or off a curb
  • A slip or trip that ends with you landing on your ankle
  • An impact from a car accident
  • Jumping or falling resulting in a heavy landing
  • An object falling on your ankle joint

Is There Any Helpful Broken Ankle Recovery Treatment I Can Get for Free?

If you are in the process of broken ankle recovery you may be eligible to receive a variety of free treatments, including physiotherapy, medical compresses, and icepacks. Many UK nationals are eligible to claim free treatment for their injuries, leading to improved recovery times. To find out if you’re eligible for these free treatments, please contact us today.

Symptoms of a Broken Ankle

Regardless of the cause, there are a number of symptoms that are common across most cases of a broken ankle. These include:

  • Immediate, severe pain in the ankle, often radiating up the shin and down below the foot
  • Swelling of the ankle joint
  • Bruising and discolouration of the lower part of the leg and ankle
  • Tender to touch, bend, or move
  • Inability to put weight on the injured ankle
  • Foot hanging in an unnatural position

What Free Private Treatment Can I Qualify For?

You may not realise it, but you and millions of other people with similar injuries across the UK can obtain access to free, private treatment to help with broken ankle recovery. We have multiple different treatments available, and depending on where you’re located, it can be delivered quickly, and for free, by healthcare professionals. The treatments offered will help you to recover quicker, and get you back to full strength faster than you’d expect.

Broken Ankle Recovery Tips

The process of broken ankle recovery can be an unpleasant experience, taking weeks to restore pain-free functionality. If a cast is required it will usually stay on for at least six to eight weeks before you can move forward with the rehabilitation process.

  • Work with your doctor and a physiotherapist to set and meet goals for pain and functionality
  • Follow all instructions regarding rest and medication
  • Avoid weight bearing activities
  • Return to your activities slowly to avoid aggravating or reinjuring the ankle
  • Follow through on your physiotherapists recommended exercises to build strength
  • Keep watch for any complications, and contact your doctor early if any arise
  • Take steps to avoid a similar injury in the future

How Can I Recover Safer and Possibly Faster?

Injuries to the ankle can seemingly come out of nowhere, and be frustrating and painful. Physiotherapy has an integral role to play in the recovery process and helps with the restoration of functionality and mobility. You may be eligible for free treatments in your area. To find out if we can help speed up your recovery process simply give us a call and we’ll let you know immediately.

Contact Us Today And Discover If You Could Be Eligible For Free Private Treatment

Many people are unaware of the benefits of private physiotherapy for broken ankle recovery. In order to recover more quickly and return to work and your normal life as soon as possible, physiotherapy is critical. To find out if you qualify for free, private physiotherapy treatments for your ankle injury, call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today and find out more. In less than a minute, we could help you discover the benefits of a course of private treatment at no extra charge in your area. Let us help put you on the fast track to recovery.