Broken Arm X Ray Guide

If you have had a broken arm x ray and it has been confirmed that you have indeed broken your arm, you could be in for a tough time. Once the diagnosis has been made through the broken arm x ray, you may have to wear a cast for a number of weeks so that the arm can heal. This means that you will not only have the pain and discomfort of a broken arm to deal with but also the debilitating impact of this sort of injury. With your arm broken and in a broken arm cast, doing your day to day jobs can be extremely difficult – in some cases impossible. You therefore naturally want recovery to take place as quickly as possible.

What are the symptoms of a broken arm?

While you will need a broken arm x ray to confirm the fractured arm, there are some symptoms that can indicate that you have broken your arm. These may vary based on the part of the arm that is broken such as a broken wrist or broken elbow. Some of the symptoms and signs of this include:

  • Swollen and bruised
  • Pain in the affected area
  • Weakness and tenderness
  • Unable to pick anything up
  • Lack of motion and movement
  • Physical signs

What causes a broken arm?

A broken arm can stem from many different causes. Some of the more common causes of a break in part of the arm include sports injuries due to impact, a fall where you try to break the fall with your arm out, an accident such as a motor vehicle accident, and by direct trauma to the arm. Amongst the most common causes are falls and direct impact while participating in sports activities.

How long does it take for a broken arm to heal?

If you fracture your arm or wrist, the time it takes to fully heal will vary based on a number of factors. This includes how severe the damage was, what the treatment was and whether surgery was required, and how well you have followed directions to prevent further trauma to the arm. In addition, once your cast has been removed, you will need to continue the healing process through physiotherapy, which you can access privately free of charge. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this free service.

What free private treatment can I qualify for?

If you have a broken arm x ray as extra proof of your injury, you may be eligible for a range of free private treatment to help you back on the road to full recovery. In addition to getting access to free physiotherapy to help you gain mobility back in your arm, you can also benefit from free bandaging and casts while your arm is still healing. To learn more about this free private treatment, all you need to do is speak to a member of the friendly team today.

How can I recover more quickly and safely?

In order to recover more quickly and safely from a broken arm, you need to make sure you keep the arm rested and follow the instructions given by medics. Obviously heavy lifting is out of the question and you should avoid any unnecessary strain on the arm. You should also make sure you have some physiotherapy after the cast has been removed so that the healing process can be completed properly. For access to free private physiotherapy treatment, get in touch with us.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for free private treatment

A surprising number of people have no clue that they could qualify for free private treatment for their broken arm injuries. However, there is free treatment available and you can access it no matter where you live within the UK. If you would like further information and want us to check on your eligibility for free private treatment, simply call us today.