Broken Coccyx Guide

A fracture of the coccyx can be an extremely painful experience, resulting in a lot of pain in the tailbone area. While less painful, a dislocated coccyx or bruised tailbone can also be quite uncomfortable and are best dealt with using specific tailbone injury exercises. These types of injuries can be very slow to heal but can be managed through cautious treatment. This guide will help educate you on what a broken coccyx is, how to manage it, and what your best treatment options are.

What is a Broken Coccyx?

An injury to the coccyx will cause pain and discomfort in the tailbone region. This is known as coccydynia. The injury can be a bruise, a dislocation, or in the most severe cases a fracture that results in a broken coccyx. The coccyx is a triangular structure made up of 3-5 segments of bone which are located at the bottom of your spine. Women have a greater risk of this injury due to having a broader pelvis than men, resulting in the coccyx being more exposed.

Is There Any Helpful Treatment I Can Get for Free?

If you are suffering from a broken, bruised, or dislocated coccyx, you could be eligible to receive free treatments, including medical compresses and icepacks. Many UK nationals are eligible to claim free treatment for these issues totally free, leading to improved recovery times. To check if you qualify for these free treatments, please contact us today.

What Are Some Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone?

Coccyx injuries are most commonly caused by a fall or a sharp blow directly to the tailbone. If you’ve fallen recently and are concerned that you may have a bruised tailbone, or a dislocated or broken coccyx there are a few signs to watch out for.

  • Visible bruising
  • Prolonged sitting or direct pressure to the tailbone area causes the pain to worsen
  • Bowel movements that are strenuous and painful
  • Painful intercourse for women

What Free Private Treatment Can I Qualify For?

You may not realise it, but you and millions of other people with similar injuries across the UK can get access to free, private treatment for a broken, dislocated or bruised coccyx. We have a variety of treatments available, and depending on where you’re located, it can be delivered free by healthcare professionals. The treatments we offer will help you recover more quickly, and get you back to full strength faster than you’d expect.

How Long Does a Broken Coccyx Take to Heal?

Recovery time for a coccyx injury can depend on a few different factors, including the cause of the injury, and whether it’s a bruise, dislocation, or a fracture. If you are able to follow through with proper medical treatment most traumatic coccyx injuries will improve within 3-4 weeks of the injury. While broken tailbone surgery is a rare requirement, there is a small percentage of people who will suffer chronic discomfort despite appropriate medical treatments.

How Can I Recover Safer and Possibly Faster?

Injuries to the coccyx are easy to aggravate and should be taken seriously. Physiotherapy can play an important role in your recovery, and you may even be eligible for free treatment in your area. To find out if we can aid with the recovery process just give us a call and we’ll let you know right away.

Contact Us Today And Discover If You Could Be Eligible For Free Private Treatment

Many people are unaware of the benefits of private physiotherapy for a broken coccyx. In order to recover more quickly and return to work as soon as possible, physiotherapy is strongly recommended. To find out if you qualify for free private physiotherapy treatments for your tailbone injury, call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today and find out more. In less than a minute, we can help you discover if you could benefit from a course of private treatment at no extra charge in your area. Let us help put you on the fastest road to recovery.