Broken Collarbone Recovery Time Guide

A broken collarbone can be a debilitating injury, involving the wearing of a sling for an extended period, and even, in some cases, surgery to repair the bone. Afterwards, the process of recovery can be lengthy due to weakness in the arm and shoulder caused by such a long period without use. Whether the injury was caused as a result of an accident or a fall, the ongoing impact of the break can be long term.

Broken Collarbone Recovery

Depending on how severe the break in the collarbone is, the patient will at the very least require a sling to be worn for a period of up to 8 weeks, and in some severe cases, surgery may even be necessary. Once the bone begins to heal, there is a danger that the arm and shoulder will remain weak due to lack of use, leading to ongoing difficulties in carrying bags, lifting items or even in moving the arm naturally. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the broken collarbone recovery time and help you get back to normal more rapidly.

Am I Able To Benefit From Any Sort Of Additional Free Treatment?

If your collar bone has been broken, you could well be a suitable candidate for free private treatments. Although many people who live in the UK are unaware that they are able to claim for private treatments like physiotherapy to speed their recovery at no additional cost to themselves. Contact us and you can learn more about whether or not you can benefit from this treatment.

What Is The Aim Of Physiotherapy For A Broken Collarbone?

When it comes to recovering from a broken collarbone, physiotherapy brings with it a number of essential benefits including:

  • To help to strengthen the bones in the shoulder and arm
  • To regain a full range of movement in the upper body
  • To strengthen the muscles of the shoulder and arm
  • To be able to lift and carry items again
  • To promote tissue healing

Which Types Of Free Private Treatments Could I Be Eligible For?

Free private treatments are often available for people all over the UK, and while many are unaware of the possibilities, if you contact us today we can let you know whether one of our professional healthcare providers can supply this treatment to you in your area. With our help, your broken collarbone recovery time can be greatly reduced.

Broken Collarbone Recovery Time

Even in the case of a mild to moderate collarbone break, the recovery period will be quite extended. The patient will need to immobilise the area for around 8 weeks and once the bone begins to heal, the problems of regaining the strength and movement in the shoulder and arm begin. Often, the upper body will lack muscle strength as well as bone strength after such a long period in a sling, but physiotherapy can speed the healing process for the bone, the tissues and the muscles to reduce ongoing pain and to enable the patient to be able to use their arm normally again.

How Can I Make My Recovery More Rapid?

If you have suffered from a broken collarbone, a structured programme of physiotherapy is the ideal way to reduce your long term pain, to restore the strength in the shoulder and arm and to regain a full range of movement. By helping to re-educate the muscles and promote tissue healing, physiotherapy can speed your recovery time considerably.

Contact Medical Experts Today And Learn More About Free Treatments

Benefiting from free private physiotherapy can shorten your broken collarbone recovery time and help you to make a return to your normal life more rapidly. Contact Medical Experts today on 020 3870 4868 and find out if you are eligible to take advantage of this free service.