Broken Hip Can You Walk Guide

Whether you are an older patient or a young person who has been involved in a serious accident, a broken hip is not only painful but also seriously debilitating. This is an injury which will impact severely on your mobility and can have long lasting consequences. Some patients may never fully regain all of the function in the affected joint. If you are asking “If you have a broken hip can you walk?” Read on and find out more.

How Is A Broken Hip Treated?

While very occasionally a broken hip is treated with bed rest and physical therapies, this is rare and in the majority of cases the treatment is surgery. There are two forms of surgery available – hip pinning and hip replacement. Both of these are highly invasive and require a long recovery time.

If You Have A Broken Hip Can You Walk?

Although most people think that a broken hip means that they will be unable to walk, this is not always the case. A minor fracture may not prevent you from standing on the affected leg or walking, however it is not a good idea to continue to walk on a suspected fractured hip without seeking medical care as the fracture can spread causing serious injury. A severe fracture will render the patient unable to move their leg and unable to bear any weight.

Will Any Free Private Treatment Be Available For Me?

While all residents of the UK are entitled to free NHS treatment to help repair and recover from their broken hip injury, many more could also enjoy private healthcare treatments without paying a penny extra. Unfortunately, this is not a well-known fact. If you call our helpline today, you may be surprised to learn that you too could take advantage of these treatments in your area.

What Sort Of Private Treatments Am I Eligible For?

If you discover that you are eligible to receive free private treatments on top of your existing NHS treatment, you can benefit from receipt of medical supplies like compresses and ice packs that reduce pain and swelling and crutches which can help to improve your mobility. Physiotherapy treatment is another option which you could be entitled to and which will greatly speed your period of recovery.

After Surgery For A Broken Hip Can You Walk Unaided?

When you have surgery for your broken hip you will find that, although you are often encouraged to get out of bed and start moving with support after around a week, you will be unable to walk unaided for some considerable time. You will probably be given crutches or a walking frame to support you while you learn to move your leg and hip again and you may need to use these for a long period – perhaps as long as a year.

Is There Any Way To Speed Up My Recovery Process?

While it is well known that the recovery period for a broken hip can be long, it can be shortened by receiving high quality, structured physiotherapy that aims to restore greater mobility and function to the leg and hip joint, helping you to walk more effectively and more quickly both with walking aids and eventually independently. Call us today to find out how we can aid your recovery.

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