Broken Hip Elderly Mortality Guide

Unfortunately, when it comes to a broken hip elderly mortality rates are shockingly high. This is due to the complexity of the injury, the invasive surgery which is usually required and the long rehabilitation period which is necessary. The older the patient, the less positive the prognosis and therefore it is very important for elderly patients to take advantage of all of the essential treatments in order to give themselves the best chance of recovery.

Why Is The Broken Hip Elderly Mortality Rate So High?

The main problem that causes broken hip elderly mortality rates to be high is the invasive surgical treatment which is usually necessary to repair the break which has a number of complications associated with it. While it is dangerous surgery in any patient, when it comes to older people the chances of them dying in the year following their treatment is three times higher. Pneumonia, blood clots and heart problems are just three of the potential complications which arise in older patients following surgery to repair a broken hip which result in a high mortality rate.

Why Do More Older People Break Their Hip?

Although patients of any age can break a hip, it is most common among elderly patients because of poor balance, impaired coordination, degenerated eyesight and other mobility long term issues which are at play. The injuries which result in a broken hip in older patients are generally relatively minor including a trip or fall from standing height or even falling out of bed.

Could An Elderly Patient Receive Any Private Treatment For Free?

Elderly patients who have had surgery on a broken hip could benefit from several private free treatments which could help to improve their prognosis. Unfortunately, too many older people remain unaware that this is a possibility. Call today to find out if it is possible for you or your elderly relative to benefit from receipt of this kind of free healthcare in your area.

Which Free Private Treatment Could I Benefit From?

Following surgery on a broken hip, an elderly patient will almost certainly face a long period of recovery and may never be able to regain full mobility. As it is such a debilitating injury there are a number of free private healthcare treatments which could help to improve the outcome of surgery including ice packs, crutches and receipt of a course of physiotherapy which can help the patient to have the best chance of surviving their injury in the long term.

How Long Could An Elderly Patient Take To Recover From A Broken Hip?

Unfortunately when it comes to a broken hip elderly mortality rates are quite high, and the recovery period is long and drawn up. While an elderly patient may be able to get out of bed within a week or so with help, they will almost certainly need crutches or a walker to be mobile for many months or even years. Physiotherapy can help to improve function and would be beneficial in promoting healing.

Is It Possible To Speed Up The Recovery Time From A Broken Hip?

Although the broken hip elderly mortality rate is fairly high, the good news is that with effective physiotherapy treatments, it is possible to regain more movement in the joint and to restore more of the function in that area. Physiotherapy may also help to stave off other complications such as blood clots which can be caused by lack of mobility. Give us a call today and you can find out whether you are eligible to benefit from private physiotherapy treatments close to you.

Contact Medical Expert To Find Out About Your Eligibility

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