Broken Hip Elderly Recovery Time Guide

Although patients of any age could break a hip, unfortunately, most people who have this injury are older people, and especially elderly women who have difficulties with brittle bones. While any patient will take a long time to recover from a serious injury of this sort, when it comes to broken hip elderly recovery time, the period of rehabilitation is even longer, and in some cases, elderly patients may never fully return to normal.

Which Treatments To Elderly Patients Receive For A Broken Hip?

When a patient of any age receives a broken hip, there are only two primary treatments. The first is to have the hip joint pinned back together with pins, screws or plates. This is a surgical treatment. The second treatment is a complete or partial hip replacement using a metal or plastic alternative joint. Neither of these are simple operations and can take between 2 and 4 hours to carry out.

Why Do Older People Break Their Hips?

In younger people, a broken hip tends to be due to a serious accident, however for older people, the cause may be a lot less dramatic. In many cases, a simple trip or fall, either from a standing position or even out of bed can result in a break to this joint which can lead to many months of painful recovery. Older people are often more vulnerable due to increased frailty and weaker bones. Medication may weaken bone density or affect balance, and poor eyesight is yet another reason for trips and falls.

Could An Elderly Patient Receive Any Form Of Free Treatment?

All UK residents regardless of age or condition can receive free NHS medical treatment, so all surgery for a broken hip can be carried out free of charge. What many citizens do not know is that they could also benefit from additional free private treatments to help their recovery period to be shortened. Call us today to learn more about this possibility.

What Kind Of Private Treatments Are Available?

To speed a broken hip elderly recovery time and to reduce pain and swelling, it is often possible to receive free treatments in your area including provision of free of charge medical supplies including ice packs, compresses or even crutches to improve movement. Physiotherapy is one more complex treatment which many elderly patients could be able to take advantage of local to them.

Are There Any Complications While Slow Down Broken Hip Elderly Recovery Time?

Older patients who have their hip bone repaired surgically will face a long recovery period, with many weeks and months of using a walker or crutches to get around. Long term help may also be necessary for self care and household tasks. Older people may take longer to get back to normal because of the danger of blood clots and infections from the surgery or because pre-existing medical problems worsen due to reduced immunity following the trauma.

Could The Recovery Time Be Shortened?

Physiotherapy is one of the treatments which could be valuable in shortening the broken hip elderly recovery time. By following a regime of exercises for the hip and leg, the patient may once again regain a greater range of movement and promote better healing in the area for a better quality of life in the long rung.

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