Broken Hip Elderly Guide

Suffering from a broken hip is an extremely unpleasant and painful injury, however in the case of a broken hip elderly patients are most at risk of long term pain, suffering and immobility. Not only is there a considerable amount of pain at the time of the injury itself, but for many months afterwards, the elderly patient may suffer from a lack of movement, excessive pain and further complications which could even prove to be life threatening. Physiotherapy could be the answer to helping older patients with this condition to help them to return better function and mobility to the joint.

The Dangers Associated With A Broken Hip In The Elderly

While a serious break in a bone can be dangerous for any patient, when it comes to a broken hip elderly patients are much more likely to suffer from serious complications, especially if surgical intervention is required to treat the break. Due to degenerated eyesight, poor balance or loss of muscle in the legs, older people are more likely to trip, slip or fall, resulting in a break in the hip which can cause many months of ongoing suffering, pain and difficulties with movement.

Non-Surgical Treatment For A Broken Hip

Depending on which kind of treatment an elderly patient receives when they break a hip their recovery could take a varying length of time. In a minor case, such as a hairline fracture, the patient may not have too long a recovery period. In these cases, a period of bed rest will be sufficient to heal the bone. However in the majority of cases involving older patients, surgery is necessary and the recovery period can take a long time.

Could I Be Eligible For Any Free Private Treatment?

Although everyone in the UK knows that they can receive free NHS treatment to care for a broken hip, they are usually unaware that they could benefit from some private medical treatments without paying any extra. UK residents nationwide could be eligible for a variety of private healthcare treatments to speed up their recovery time. Telephone our helpline today and discover whether you, too, could benefit.

What Sort Of Private Treatments Am I Able To Receive for Free?

The sort of treatments which may be available to you free of charge to speed the recovery time for a broken hip may include options such as ice packs, compresses or crutches or compresses which will alleviate pain and relieve suffering. Some patients could possibly also claim for some free orthopaedic or free professional physiotherapy services to treat their hip injury. Contact us today and learn more about which kinds of treatments could be available near you.

Does A Broken Hip Mean I Can’t Walk?

While there is a common misconception that everyone who suffers from a broken hip will be completely immobile, this is not always the case. Younger, fit patients who only have minor fractures of the hip may still be mobile, however in general when it comes to a broken hip elderly patients are often immobilised for extended periods.

Is There Any Way To Recover More Quickly?

For older patients, the time taken for a broken hip to be heal can be considerable, and then it can take much longer again to return to full mobility. However, a course of professional physiotherapy can go a long way towards improving the outcomes for elderly patients, assisting in regaining extra function in the hip, helping to boost mobility and speed recovery times, even for older patients. Despite this, a surprising number of people are completely unaware that they could receive free private physiotherapy to treat their broken hip.

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We believe everyone in the UK should receive the free private treatment that they are entitled to, so call us today to discover if you could be eligible to benefit. You could take advantage of treatments such as private physiotherapy delivered by a qualified healthcare professional in your area to help to return your mobility and improve your life after a broken hip injury. Call Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868 and find out more.