Apart from those who are involved in severe accidents such as motor crashes, most of the people who suffer from a broken hip are older people. Many factors lead to elderly people suffering from this kind of injury, however the consequences can be very serious with long lasting repurcussions that can even be life threatening for the patient.

How Is A Broken Hip Treated In Elderly Patients?

Although in rare cases a broken hip can be treated wit

Broken Hip Elderly Survival Rate Guide

h simple bed rest and then physical therapy to restore movement, unfortunately for older patients in the majority of cases the only effective treatment is surgery. There are two forms of surgery which can be used to treat a broken hip – pinning or replacement. Both are invasive surgeries with a long recovery period and a poor prognosis for older patients.

Why Are Elderly Patients More Likely To Suffer From A Broken Hip?

While in younger people a broken hip is most likely to be the result of a major accident such as a car crash, in order people the cause is usually a fall from standing, a fall from a chair or bed or a slip. The reason for this is generally to do with the general frailty associated with old age, paired with degenerating eyesight, poor balance and other medications which may also have an effect on the body. Unfortunately when it comes to broken hip in the elderly recovery time periods are very long and there can be many complications which may mean that regaining function takes longer.

Can Older Patients Benefit From Any Free Treatment?

All older UK citizens are eligible to receive free NHS treatment for their broken hip injury, however there are many residents of the UK who could also receive free private healthcare as an additional treatment completely free of charge. Unfortunately, this is still not common knowledge, although older patients can profit greatly from additional treatment.

What Sort Of Private Treatment Could Older Patients Be Eligible To Receive?

Elderly patients who have suffered from a broken hip could benefit from a number of free private healthcare treatments in their area, carried out by a qualified and trained healthcare professional. Treatments could be as simple as medical supplies, like ice packs or crutches, or more complex and involved, such as physiotherapy. Call us today to learn more.

What Are The Complications That Could Affect Broken Hip In Elderly Recovery Time?

If an elderly patient has had to have surgery to repair their broken hip, their recovery time can be quite extensive. Although they may be encouraged to get out of bed within the first few days, they will continue to need a lot of assistance and support when completing even simple self-care tasks for some time, and will need a walker or crutches to be mobile for many weeks, months or even years. Some patients may never return to normal, and mortality rate in elderly patients is also quite high due to problems with blood clotting, infections, heart problems and exacerbation of other conditions.

Is There Any Way To Speed An Elderly Patient’s Recovery Process?

With high quality private physiotherapy treatment, an elderly patient can improve their future outlook and hopefully speed and promote healing of their broken hip. By improving the range of movement and the function in the hip, there will be less chance of blood clots occurring and patients will be able to get back to an independent lifestyle more easily.

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