Broken Hip In The Elderly Guide

While a broken hip is a serious injury for a patient of any age, when it comes to a broken hip in the elderly the complications can even be life threatening. A break in the hip bone is a severe condition which can take a very long time to heal and even longer for mobility to be restored with long term reduction in function in the joint. Physiotherapy is one of the best solutions for elderly patients as it can speed their recovery time and help to get them moving again.

The Dangers Of A Broken Hip In The Elderly

When it comes to a broken hip in the elderly, there are additional complications to bear in mind. Most people are aware that this type of injury represents a severe problem for older patients and the consequences can be extreme due to the surgical intervention which is often required to repair the damage caused by the injury. As there is also long term pain and reduced mobility associated with this condition, it is easy to see why elderly patients are most at risk.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Treatments For A Broken Hip In The Elderly?

Although surgery is the solution in most cases of a broken hip in the elderly, in some cases surgical intervention may be avoided. If the break is minor, the patient may be put on bed rest until the break is healed and when this is paired with a follow up physiotherapy regime, the results are very positive.

Could An Elderly Patient Receive Free Private Treatment?

Any elderly patient who breaks a hip can benefit from the standard treatment that is available for free on the NHS, however many more could take advantage of free private treatments which could help to alleviate suffering and pain. Unfortunately, this is not common knowledge and many elderly patients are missing out on beneficial private treatments which they could access without any additional charges. Contact the Medical Expert helpline today and you could discover that you too could benefit from this treatment.

Which Free Private Treatments Could I Access?

Elderly patients who break a hip could benefit from several private treatments free of charge which could alleviate suffering. Not only are cold ice packs and hot compresses available to reduce pain and swelling but crutches are also available as well as courses of physiotherapy which can help to restore function to the area and speed recovery.

Is It Possible For An Elderly Patient With A Broken Hip To Walk?

Although most elderly patients who suffer from a broken hip will be completely immobile for an extended period, some who have had no surgical intervention and whose break was minor may be able to continue to walk around, although not necessarily without experiencing pain.

How Can I Speed Up The Recovery Time From A Broken Hip In The Elderly?

When it comes to a broken hip in the elderly, unfortunately the recovery period can be quite drawn out. However, with physiotherapy treatment, the recovery times can be shortened and the patient can get back to being able to move again with reduced pain. Unfortunately, it is not widely known that private treatments can be offered to patients without any need to pay any more money, and therefore not all elderly patients who suffer from a broken hip obtain the treatment for which they are eligible. You could find out if you could benefit by giving us a call today.

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