Broken Hip On Elderly Guide

For a patient of any age, a broken hip is exceptionally painful and takes a long time to heal. However, a broken hip on elderly patients can be extremely problematic and there is a greater risk of long term complications which could even be life threatening in the worst cases. Even when the bone heals, the recovery time from this type of injury can take a long time due to long term limited function and a reduction in mobility of the joint. This is one of the reasons why physiotherapy is so beneficial for elderly patients.

The Dangers Of A Broken Hip On Elderly Patients

A broken hip on elderly patients can be extremely problematic due to the serious nature of the injury. Many broken hips, especially in older patients, require surgical intervention, and the dangers of this alone increase the chances of long term complications. Add to this the restrictions in mobility and ongoing pain associated with this condition and it’s no wonder that so many elderly patients have a poor outlook when it comes to recovery.

Can An Elderly Patient Receive Non-Surgical Treatments For A Broken Hip?

Not every patient who suffers from a broken hip will need surgery to correct the break. If the injury is relatively minor, such as a hairline fracture, it is possible that the patient may be healed by a period of bed rest especially if this treatment is paired with physiotherapy. Unfortunately however, in most circumstances, and especially in cases of a broken hip on elderly patients, surgery is usually required.

Could I Receive Free Private Treatment?

Every citizen of the UK can benefit from free NHS treatment on their broken hip, however they are frequently unaware that they could actually receive free private healthcare that could speed their recovery and ease their suffering. They could benefit from these private treatments without paying an additional fee. Call the Medical Expert team today and they will quickly let you know whether you too could benefit from a free private treatment to help your care.

The Types Of Available Free Private Treatments

The good news for patients who have suffered from a broken hip is that there are a number of helpful private treatments which could speed their recovery and which could be offered completely free of charge. With a range of treatments that comprise everything from hot compresses and ice packs to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Physiotherapy is one further treatment which can restore the patient’s mobility and boost the speed of their recovery.

Can A Patient With A Broken Hip Still Walk?

Not everybody who has a broken hip will necessarily be completely immobile. In the case of a hairline fracture or minor break, patients can often stay relatively mobile although not necessarily free from pain. However in cases where surgical treatment has been necessary, patients are more likely to be unable to walk

How Can I Speed Up Recovery Times From A Broken Hip On Elderly Patients?

Especially when it comes to a broken hip on elderly patients, the recovery time can be drawn up. The good news is that free physiotherapy treatment will help to aid in the process of recovery and will restore the function and mobility of the joint more rapidly. However, many patients do not know that such private treatments are available to them and therefore do not claim the treatment they are entitled to. Call us today to find out whether these treatments could benefit you.

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