Broken Hip Recovery Time Elderly Guide

The majority of people who have a broken hip are older women. While older men and some younger people who have been injured as a result of an accident can have the same injury, an increased risk of osteoporosis in older women is a factor in the condition. When it comes to broken hip recovery time elderly patients unfortunately have a poor prognosis, especially in the case of the oldest and frailest patients who may struggle to regain mobility follow the injury.

What Is The Treatment For A Broken Hip In An Elderly Patient?

In the majority of cases, the only suitable treatment for a broken hip, whether in a young or old patient, is surgery. Whether the surgeon decides to pin the hip using plates, screws or pins, or whether they decide to replace some or all of the hip joint with a plastic or metal alternative, both forms of treatment are not only invasive but painful, and result in many weeks or months of immobility. This means that the broken hip recovery time for elderly patients can be very long.

Why Are Older Patients The Most Likely To Suffer From A Broken Hip?

Although people of any age can break their hip, older patients make up the majority of people in hospitals receiving treatment for this sort of problem. Younger people usually break their hip due to a serious accident like a motor vehicle crash, however older people often end up breaking a hip due to a trip or fall, either from standing, from a bed or a chair. As older people often have more delicate bones, poor eyesight, are taking medication which could affect their bone density or balance, or have pre-existing conditions which could contribute to their frailty, they are much more at risk of a broken hip than other people.

Can Elderly Patients Benefit From Any Free Treatment?

Elderly patients who are also UK citizens can benefit from free surgery and treatment on the NHS for their condition, however when it comes to rehabilitation, they may find that they are also eligible to receive free private healthcare too in order to speed and aid their recovery. Call us today to discover if there are free treatments in your area that you could benefit from.

What Sort Of Private Treatment Could Elderly Patients Be Eligible To Receive?

An elderly patient who is recovering from a broken hip could benefit from a number of high quality private treatments that can aid their recovery. Crutches could be supplied free of charge to improve mobility, while compresses or ice packs could be supplied to help relieve pain or swelling in the area. Physiotherapy is one extremely effective treatment which can help to rehabilitate elderly patients.

Which Complications Could Affect Broken Hip Recovery Time In The Elderly?

When elderly patients undergo surgery for a broken hip repair, the time taken to recover can be very long indeed. Both forms of surgery are very invasive and painful, and leave the hip requiring extensive rehabilitation to restore function. Although patients are often able to get out of bed with additional support within around 7 days, they will only be able to get around by using a walker or crutches for many more weeks and months, and, for some patients, full recovery may take a year or more. As older patients are likely to suffer from increased complications due to blood clots, infections, heart problems and a worsening of any existing medical problems, their recovery time is likely to be longer again.

Can The Recovery Time Be Shortened?

Although when it comes to broken hip recovery time elderly patients are likely to be rendered immobile for an extended period, there are ways to shorten that time and promote healing more effectively. Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to restore greater function to the leg and hip joint, increase range of motion and help to keep the blood circulating to prevent potentially fatal blood clots. Call us today to learn whether you could be eligible.

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