Broken Hip Recovery Time Guide

A broken hip is a very serious injury which needs medical treatment immediately. Not only will a broken hip cause a lot of pain immediately following the injury, but it will also cause ongoing long-term suffering. A broken hip will mean that you suffer from reduced mobility and therefore treatments such as physiotherapy are key to returning flexibility, mobility and function to the joint. Here, we look at the dangers associated with this condition, the essential treatment and the broken hip recovery time.

What Are The Dangers Of A Broken Hip?

While many people are aware that a broken hip is very serious, they may not know precisely why this is the case. Usually, surgical intervention is necessary to help treat the break and to aid the patient’s recovery. Even the fracture itself can be life-threatening depending on the health and age of the patient, either soon after the injury occurs or in the months which follow the injury. Many elderly people suffer from a broken hip due to falls and slips, often because of sight problems, balance issues or degradation of muscle mass and the complications which follow a broken hip injury result in extra danger, regardless of the age of the patient.

Non-Surgical Broken Hip Treatment

The sort of medical care you will receive after breaking a hip determines the speed and effectiveness of your recovery. Not every broken hip will require surgery, however in many cases surgical treatment will be necessary. Some patients will be put on enforced bed rest to enable to hip to naturally heal paired with other simple treatments to assist in the healing of the injury.

Am I Eligible For Any Free Private Treatment?

While all UK citizens can benefit from NHS treatment for their broken hip, it is possible that they could also receive some private treatment completely free of charge. UK residents all over the country may be eligible to receive at least one private treatment which could speed their recovery time. Call out team and find out more details about whether you can qualify for this treatment.

What Sort Of Private Treatment Could I Receive for Free?

The kind of treatment which you may be able to receive free of charge to speed up your broken hip recovery time includes ice packs, crutches or compresses to help relieve pain and suffering. Many patients may also be able to claim for free orthopaedic or physiotherapy services for their injury. Call us today to discover which kind of treatments are available in your area.

Is It Still Possible To Walk If I Have Broken My Hip?

Although many people think that a broken hip will mean that they are bed-ridden, in fact patients with non-severe symptoms may possibly be able to walk. In the case of a hairline fracture, patients may be mobile, however in the case of a severe break, patients may be rendered immobile for a considerable period.

Could I Recover More Quickly?

The broken hip recovery time can be quite long, and therefore physiotherapy is often the advised treatment for a patient who has suffered from this injury. Physiotherapy treatments help to speed recovery in a healthy and safe way, helping the patient to regain more function in the joint, and to improve their mobility in the future. This is particularly beneficial for older patients who may take longer to recover. Many people don’t know that a lot of patients with a broken hip can obtain a course of physiotherapy for their broken hip for free. Contact us today to discover if you too could be eligible.

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