Broken Hip Recovery Guide

A broken hip is, without doubt, a severe and painful condition, regardless of the age or health of the patient involved. While elderly patients are most at risk of suffering from complications as a result of this injury, patients of all ages are likely to not only have extreme pain at the time of the injury itself but also for an extended period afterwards, with long term limited mobility. Physiotherapy is one of the best possible ways to regain function in the area and to restore the joint’s mobility.

Why Is A Broken Hip Dangerous?

Although it is quite well known that a broken hip can be a dangerous injury, it is often believed that this is only in the case of elderly patients. While older people who suffer from this condition do face more complications because of the injury, even younger people can suffer from severe complications especially when surgical intervention is necessary to carry out the repair.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Treatments For A Broken Hip?

While most patients with a broken hip require surgical treatment to carry out the repair of the break, some patients can be healed with just an extended period of bed rest which will suffice to heal the damage. In these cases, the bed rest usually works best when paired with other non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy.

Could I Be Eligible For Free Private Treatment?

While all UK citizens can receive free treatment on the NHS for their broken hip, they usually do not know that there is a possibility of receiving free private treatments with no need to pay more. People all over the UK could be benefiting from a range of private healthcare treatments which would speed their broken hip recovery. Call our helpful team today and they will help you to find out if you too could take advantage of these free of charge treatments.

What Are The Private Treatments I Could Receive for Free?

There are several different free private treatments which could be available to you that will help to increase the speed of your broken hip recovery. Compresses, ice packs or crutches are just some of the medical supplies which can be provided free of charge to alleviate your suffering. Some patients can also benefit from free private physiotherapy that will help to restore mobility and increase the speed of recovery.

Can Patients With A Broken Hip Walk?

Not everyone who suffers from a broken hip will be bedridden. If the patient suffers from a minor break or hairline fracture, they may be able to remain mobile, although not pain-free. Patients who have required surgical treatment however will usually be immobile for an extended period.

How Can I Speed By Broken Hip Recovery?

Whether you are a younger or older patient, the time for broken hip recovery can be long and painful. Professional free of charge physiotherapy treatments can help to aid the healing process and restore mobility and function much more rapidly. Even though this treatment can be beneficial many people are unaware they could benefit, so call today to learn about the possibilities in your area.

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