Broken Hip Surgery Guide

When it comes to a broken hip surgery is often the only solution available. While in the case of most broken bones only a cast is necessary, in the case of a break in the hip joint this does not usually result in an effective repair. For this reason, surgery is the preferred course of treatment when a patient is diagnosed with a broken hip, regardless of the age of the patient involved.

Types Of Broken Hip Surgery

There are two kinds of surgical treatment for a broken hip. The first is an internal fixation which involves using nails, rods, plates or screws to stabilize the bones. This treatment is often known as “pinning”. The second form of treatment is an arthroplasty, or hip replacement. This involves the replacement of some or all the joint with plastic, ceramic or metal parts.

Are There Any Treatments For A Broken Hip That Are Non-Surgical?

Surgery is the standard treatment for a broken hip, however in a very minor fracture it may be possible to heal the bone with a period of bed rest followed by extensive physiotherapy to restore movement to the joint.

Am I Eligible For Private Treatment?

If you have had broken hip surgery, you may not know that there are free private treatments which you can access without making any additional payments to complement your NHS treatment. Don’t miss out on the beneficial private care that you could receive to speed your recovery – call our helpline today to find out if you could receive treatment from a qualified healthcare professional in your area.

Which Free Private Treatment Is On Offer?

Following broken hip surgery, the period of rehabilitation can be very long, however there are free private treatments which can help to restore function, reduce suffering and speed recovery. These include crutches, compresses and ice packs as well as a physiotherapy regime which is available for certain patients. Call us to see if you could take advantage of some or all of these treatments.

How Long Is The Recovery Time After Broken Hip Surgery

Regardless of the age of the patient, following broken hip surgery the bone can take a long time to heal and mobility will be significantly affected. Although you may be able to get out of bed with help after a few days, you will almost certainly require a walker or crutches to get around for a considerable period and full recovery to take a year or longer.

How Can I Speed Up The Recovery Time From Broken Hip Surgery?

Depending on the patient’s age at the time of their injury and any complications which follow surgery, the recovery time can be as long as a year or even more. Some patients may never be able to regain full mobility or function of the joint. However, with physiotherapy, it is possible to help speed the recovery time and to regain additional function and mobility in the area. Call us today to see if you could receive free private physiotherapy in your area carried out by a trained healthcare professional.

Contact Medical Expert And Find Out Your Eligibility

Contact the Medical Expert helpline today by calling 020 3870 4868 and you could soon discover whether you too could be taking advantage of helpful therapies that can help you to get your life back on track and increase your mobility. We can tell you in just 30 seconds whether you could be eligible and get you on the short list for broken hip surgery.