Broken Hip Treatment Guide

The broken hip treatment which you will receive will depend on the severity of the injury. A minor or hairline fracture will have a very different approach to a hip which has been shattered due to a serious accident. Here, we look at the main treatments for a broken hip in patients of all ages, and the length of time it will take to recover.

What Is The Main Broken Hip Treatment?

There are two forms of primary treatment for a broken hip. The first is to pin the hip back together. This requires surgery to put screws, plates or pins in place in the joint to hold it together in order for the bone to join. The second main form of treatment is a complete or partial hip replacement. This is another form of surgery which replaces the existing hip joint with one made from metal or plastic. Both surgical treatments are serious and have a long recovery period.

Is There A Non-Surgical Broken Hip Treatment?

While there is a possibility of a minor fracture requiring no surgery, this is very rare. In some cases, bed rest and then a course of physiotherapy can help to treat patients who have only a hairline fracture, however in the vast majority of cases, surgery is required as this is regarded as the most effective way to ensure proper healing.

Do I Qualify For Any Free Treatments?

People who live in the UK are usually entitled to free broken hip treatment on the NHS, and the immediate surgery will be carried out by NHS doctors or surgeons in an NHS hospital setting. However, following the initial course of treatment, it is possible that you could also qualify for free private healthcare treatments which will shorten your recovery time.

What Kind Of Private Treatments Could I Qualify For?

There are a number of private healthcare options which could be available to you free of charge in your area, all delivered by qualified healthcare professionals local to you. From simple medical supplies like crutches to complex treatments like courses of professional physiotherapy, we could help you to find out whether you could benefit. Call us today.

How Long Does Broken Hip Treatment Take?

If the patient has surgery for a broken hip, they can expect to be in the operating theatre for between 2 and 4 hours. Following this, they will be kept in bed for a few days before being assisted to sit in a chair. Eventually, the patient will be able to progress to walking with aids like a walking frame or crutches, and they may require assistance with a range of tasks for an extended period. It could take as long as 12 months for a full recovery to be made.

Could My Recovery Time Be Shortened?

Although physiotherapy will not get you running again straight away, it can help to shorten the length of time it takes to recover from broken hip treatment. By offering the patient a course of helpful exercises, it is possible to improve the flexibility of the joint, to increase its range of movement and to strengthen the bone in order to promote quicker healing.

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