Broken Humerus Guide

Despite the name, there is nothing funny at all about a broken humerus bone. Located at the top of the arm, between above the elbow but just below the shoulder, there’s no denying that a proximal humerus fracture is one of the most uncomfortable and painful impact injuries that anybody can experience.

Thankfully, full use of the upper arm is usually regained following treatment and physical therapy, which often begins around three weeks after the initial injury. A typical broken humerus recovery time is around three months, during which time patients can expect to have their arm in a sling.

What is a Broken or Fractured Humerus?

A proximal humerus fracture is an impact injury that results in a break or crack in the humerus bone found at the top of the arm. The injury is sometimes referred to as a broken shoulder if the break occurs close to this essential joint. Surgery to heal this injury should not be required if the appropriate steps to recovery are taken, such as leaving the arm immobilized and appropriate physical therapy being undertaken. If you need further advice about proximal humerus fracture treatment, get in touch with Medical Expert; we may be able to recommend free physiotherapy or private medical attention in your area.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Broken Humerus?

This will obviously vary from case to case, depending on the severity of the injury. In most cases, however, it will take around three months for a broken humerus bone to fully heal. This will be achieved by engaging in regular exercises, and potentially physiotherapy – with these timelines potentially being reduced with the aid of a professional. To find out if you qualify for free treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Medical Expert. In less than a minute we’ll have a list of qualified physical fingertips that we can share with you.

How Will a Broken Humerus Impact Your Quality of Life?

Anybody living with a broken humerus will need to make some adjustments to their lifestyle while they recover, as the injured arm must be allowed to hang without any weight on the shoulder. A fractured humerus will leave the arm in a sling for several weeks to allow the injury to heal, and the ideal broken humerus sleeping position will be to lay on the back with a cushion behind the wounded shoulder. There are also numerous humerus fracture recovery exercises that should be incorporated into a daily routine.

What are Some Typical Humerus Fracture Recovery Exercises?

It is pivotal that any humerus fracture recovery exercises are recommended by a professional physiotherapist – get in touch with Medical Expert t find out of you qualify for free treatment in your area. The fractured humerus will be in a sling initially to allow the arm to hang loose, so initial exercises will revolve around the hand and wrist, before eventually moving onto working on the shoulder in order to strengthen the joint. Never attempt this without being advised to do so, however, and stop as soon as you feel discomfort. Excessive exercise before a broken humerus bone is ready for the strain can cause additional damage.

Is a Broken Humerus Bone Common in the Elderly?

Unfortunately yes, especially older people living with an ongoing condition such as osteoporosis. A broken humerus bone is usually identified through swelling, pain and discoloured bruising; anybody over the age of 75 should seek immediate medical attention in such a situation, and begin the appropriate proximal humerus fracture treatment where necessary, which rarely required surgery.

Contact Us to Find Out if You Qualify for Free Private Treatment

An injury such as a broken humerus bone can leave people unable to work while they recover, which will have a financial impact. Fortunately, help is at hand. Get in touch with Medical Expert by calling 020 3870 4868, and we will set the wheels of your recovery in motion; just some of the help that may be available includes free physiotherapy and advice on exercise, medication to help manage any pain, any medical equipment required for your proximal humerus fracture treatment such as a sling.