Broken Knuckle Cast Guide

If you have a broken knuckle, physiotherapy often represents the best solution to ensure a speedy recovery. Sometimes called a boxer’s fracture, a broken knuckle may not occur very frequently, but when it does it can cause long term pain and complications. Usually caused as the result of a collision between the hand and a hard object, a metacarpal fracture (to give a broken knuckle its proper name) is often a very unpleasant experience. A broken knuckle cast is usually the typical treatment for this problem, so that the hand can remain immobilised until the bone is fully healed. Once healing is complete, undergoing physiotherapy for the fingers and the hand is key in ensuring the patient is able to restore full movement to their hand.

Breaks In The Knuckle

Although the knuckle is not a common area in which breaks occur, when it does happen, it can be extremely painful and highly problematic. While standard fractures are unpleasant, if the fracture is displaced, the process of healing can be even more complex and can take much longer. Once the bone has healed, there is still a fair chance the affected fingers and the hand in general will experience weakness and may also experience limited movements. One solution is to carry out physiotherapy exercises which can go a long way towards restoring lost movement and making daily tasks less painful and much easier.

Could I Get Some Form of Free Treatment?

If you are suffering from a broken knuckle, you can often benefit from free treatment for the condition. Many UK citizens don’t know that they could claim for treatment like ice packs, heat packs or splints to enable them to achieve a more rapid recovery. If you contact Medical Expert today, you can discover if you could receive this completely free treatment.

What Is The Aim Of Physiotherapy For A Broken Knuckle?

A broken knuckle is not just painful, it can severely impact on everyday life. The restriction to the movement of the hand means that even simple jobs such as writing and dressing can become a challenge and this can go on for an extended period, even after the bone has healed. However, by following a post-injury broken knuckle rehabilitation programme, it is usually possible to not only restore the movement to the fingers and hand, but also to reduce pain and to promote faster healing. Physiotherapy for broken knuckles has the following aims:

  • To control pain and inflammation in the knuckles and hand
  • To regain movement in the fingers and hand
  • To strengthen the finger joints
  • To restore the finger and hand’s normal function
  • To enable the patient to accomplish daily tasks without pain or stiffness

Which Free Private Treatments Could I Be Eligible For?

Even if you think that you are not entitled to any kind of private treatment for free, it is worth giving us a call today to find out. You could well be eligible to benefit from completely free treatments to boost the healing of your injured hand and get you back to normal more rapidly. We offer a variety of treatments and our professional team of healthcare specialists are able to deliver treatments completely free of charge depending on whereabouts you live in the UK.

Injured Knuckle Rehab Timeline

Broken knuckles take a long time to heal completely, and in the case of a dislodged fracture, the full recovery time could be as long as 3 months. A rehabilitation programme will help considerably in restoring the strength to the muscles of the hand and improving the flexibility in the fingers.

Is There A Way I Can Recover More Quickly?

If you have broken your knuckle, it’s common to find that after participating in a programme of physiotherapy rehabilitation you will enjoy a much better range of movement in your hand and fingers and will have greater strength in your knuckle. Give us a call today to learn if you could receive free physiotherapy to rehabilitate you more rapidly and to allow you to accomplish everyday tasks pain free.

Contact Medical Expert Today To Find Out If You Can Receive Free Private Treatment

If you think you could benefit from free private physiotherapy for your broken knuckle injury, contact Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today and find out whether you could be eligible. In minutes, you could be finding out that you could take advantage of a rehabilitation programme that will facilitate your recovery.