Broken Knuckle Cast Guide

Physiotherapy for the hand is often the most effective solution for anyone who has suffered from a broken knuckle. This injury is not especially common, but it is sometimes called a boxer’s fracture as it is often caused by the hand colliding with a hard object through a punch or similar movement. Officially called a metacarpal fracture, when it comes to a broken knuckle NHS treatments may include putting the injured hand in a splint or cast until it the bone has healed. Once this has taken place, physiotherapy exercises for the hand and fingers can be vital in helping the patient to be able to move their hand normally once more.

Breaks In The Knuckle

The knuckle is an unusual area for a break to occur, however when it does it can be very painful and problematic. A standard fracture is unpleasant enough, however should a displaced fracture occur, recovery can take even longer. Even after the bone in the knuckle has healed, there is a good chance that the hand and the affected fingers will be very weak and will have limited movement, therefore physiotherapy can help to restore that lost movement and help to make everyday tasks easier and less painful.

Can I get Any Kind Of Additional Treatment For Free?

If you have suffered from a broken knuckle, there is a good chance that you could receive free treatment for your condition. A large number of UK residents are unaware that they are entitled to claim treatment such as heat or ice packs or splints for their broken knuckle completely free to help them to recover more rapidly. Contact us today, and discover more about whether or not you are eligible to receive this type of treatment.

What Is The Aim Of Physiotherapy For A Broken Knuckle?

A break in the knuckle is not only painful, it also has a serious impact on your ability to perform everyday chores and tasks. Dressing, writing and personal care can all be badly affected by the loss of function in one hand. The good news is that if you benefit from a post-injury knuckle rehabilitation regime, it is often possible to restore the full range of movement to the hand and fingers so that work and personal activities can become pain-free once more. Physiotherapy for a broken knuckle allows for better mobility and strength in the finger joints and its aims include:

  • To control inflammation and pain in the knuckle area and to protect from further injuries
  • To regain a fuller range of movement in the hand and fingers
  • To strengthen the joints of the fingers
  • To restore the normal function of the hand and fingers
  • To enable the sufferer to complete daily tasks without any pain or difficulty

Which Free Private Treatments Am I Eligible For?

While you may believe that you cannot receive any free private treatment, it may come as a surprise that countless people all over the UK are able to access free private treatment for their broken knuckle injury without additional cost to themselves. We offer a broad spectrum of treatments and our team of healthcare professionals can often deliver free treatment to you depending on where you are located in the UK. Our treatments are highly effective in restoring movement to your hand and fingers and to reducing your pain and discomfort more rapidly.

Injured Knuckle Rehab Timeline

A broken knuckle can take a long time to recover depending on the severity of the original injury. A minor fracture will usually take at least 6 weeks to heal while a complex or dislodged fracture could take as long as three months just for the bone to fully heal before even being able to begin any kind of rehabilitation programme to restore muscle strength and flexibility to the fingers.

How Can I Recover More Rapidly And Safely?

If you have suffered from a minor fracture, you could find that a few weeks of a structured physiotherapy rehabilitation programme will give you most if not all of the mobility back in your hand. In the case of a severe fracture to the knuckle, the recovery process will naturally take longer and will involve more intensive therapy. Call us today and find out if you can receive free physiotherapy treatments to help you to be rehabilitated much more rapidly and to get your life back to normal.

Give Us A Call Today And Find Out If You Can Receive Free Private Treatment

It often comes as a surprise to many people that they could take advantage of completely free private physiotherapy programmes for their broken knuckle injury, however the benefits that these treatments can provide are enormous, helping to speed recovery and to improve the patient’s range of movement. Find out if you can receive free physiotherapy treatment for your knuckle injury by calling Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 to find out more today. In just a few minutes, you can learn whether you could be benefiting from a private course of physiotherapy in your area to facilitate your recovery.