Broken Leg Guide

Suffering from a broken leg can be a very stressful and painful experience. Being unable to walk can mean that you may have to miss work, avoid sports or strenuous activity, and even require additional help with day to day tasks. The severity of the broken leg will dictate which broken leg treatment is required, the leg fracture recovery time, and what additional rehabilitation may be required to recover as much function in the leg as possible.

The Different Types of Broken Leg

There are many types of broken leg injury, from minor fractures to severe injuries like a broken tibia and fibula. Recovery with surgery may be required in the severe cases of a broken leg, where there are multiple fractures, such as in the case of comminute fracture injuries, or an open fracture where the bone has penetrated the skin. Specialist treatment may also be required in the case of displaced fractures, where the bones have become misaligned. Often stress fractures and hairline fractures can be treated much easier and the broken leg symptoms may be lessened.

What Helpful Broken Leg Treatment Am I Eligible For?

If you are suffering from a broken leg, and the broken leg symptoms are causing you pain, you could receive free broken leg treatment in the form of medical supplies and treatment, like medical compresses, crutches, and ice packs. These treatments can help to accelerate you broken leg or leg fracture recovery time, and get you back up and moving. For more information about the treatments you are eligible to receive for free, contact us today.

Am I Eligible for Any Free Private Treatment?

It is largely unknown in the UK that there is a vast range of free private treatments available to people that are suffering from a broken leg or similar injuries. Each area in the UK has a unique range of broken leg treatment options that you could be eligible for to help speed up your broken leg or leg fracture recovery time.

So how do you find out if you are eligible? By contacting our friendly and informed team, you can learn which treatments are being offered in your area, and whether you are eligible to receive them.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Broken Leg?

A common question that arises after a broken leg is, can you walk on a fractured leg? It is highly advised against walking on a fractured leg until it has properly healed. This normally takes up to 2 months for minor injuries and up to 6 months for major injuries. Walking on a broken leg before the injury has properly healed can result in further damage. Often, the best way to speed up recovery time is to undertake a course of physiotherapy with a trained physiotherapist.

Is There a Faster and Safer Way to Recover from My Injury?

Did you know that you could also receive free physiotherapy treatment in the UK? There are many ways that a trained physiotherapist can help with your broken leg symptoms. Commonly, a course of broken leg recovery exercises can help you to get movement and flexibility back, whilst speeding up your recovery. It only takes 30 seconds to give us a call and check whether you are eligible for free physiotherapy treatment in your local area.

Contact Us to See If You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

Many people miss out on free broken leg treatment in their local area simply because they didn’t know that they were eligible to receive the treatment. You could qualify to receive advanced treatment in the form of physiotherapy, medical assistance with supplies such as slings and crutches, or even have a full orthopaedic report created for you. This treatment can help you on your way to a healthy recovery in a much faster time.

To learn more about free medical treatments in your local area, you can contact Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868, for advice on eligibility. Our friendly team will work quickly to assess your eligibility and ensure that you get the free private treatments that your broken leg entitles you too.