Broken Metatarsal Guide

Have you ever broken your metatarsal? If you have, then you know that the pain is just unbearable. It’s an injury that occurs around the mid-foot when one of the large bones cracks or breaks. Although it usually affects sports athletes, there are cases where we should blame it on repeated stress. There are five such bones in each foot and they are the most commonly fractured parts of the body. Other than that, they connect your toes to the other parts of your body making them pretty crucial to your movements!

What May Make You Break Your Metatarsal?

A direct hit to your foot mostly causes such injuries. There are different occasions when this may happen like:

  • When someone steps or kicks your foot
  • By dropping something on it
  • A terrible landing

Twisting your foot or ankle may also injure the area around your fifth metatarsal. So, what happens here is that the twisting incident pulls out the critical ligament which attaches to the base of your metatarsal. Painfully, it then rips out a chunk of your bone. The metatarsal shaft is commonly injured when we twist our feet when landing from possibly a jump. Of course, this is a common problem amongst ballet dancers.

Which Free Private Medical Services Are At Your Disposal for a Broken Metatarsal?

Although you may not know this, you may be eligible for the best free health services. If you suddenly break or fracture your metatarsal, we’ll provide you with different treatment depending on your specific location. Here, we offer immobilisation services to help you recover quickly. If you would like to know whether you qualify for this free private treatment, please reach out to us and find out!

What Are the Other Types of Treatments You’re Likely to Get For Free?

If you’ve previously had a fractured metatarsal, you have an opportunity of getting free ice packs as well as other follow up medical services. A good number of people in the UK claim such treatments at no fee for a speedier recovery. So, do you want to know if such treatments are available for you? Call us to find out!

What Complications Arise From Breaking Your Metatarsal?

We know that if well-treated, your metatarsal could heal with no long-term health challenges. However, if not treated and recognised, then different problems may occur;

  • It may become an utterly thick metatarsal fracture if the stress never stops.
  • Damage to the first metatarsal may later cause arthritis of the large toe joint.
  • A breach of the fifth metatarsal may at times be seen as an ankle injury leading to healing problems and constant pain.

In severe cases, it reduces the ability of your foot to cope with the strains of running or even walking. We’ve also seen cases where it’s lead to chronic discomfort around the foot. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek immediate physiotherapy treatment.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Heal?

If you’re asking yourself such a question, then there are a few things that you’ll need to know.

First, there’s no clearly stipulated healing timeline for metatarsal injuries as it all depends on the seriousness of the fracture. By taking a close look at pictures of the various metatarsal fractures, you’ll see why some need to be given more attention than others.

Second, you may want to check on the different things happening in your life. We know that a good number of these injuries are as a result of stress. So, you should create a proper balance in your life even as you continue receiving physical treatment.

How Can I Recover Safely and Possibly Quicker?

For a simple injury to the ligaments, you’ll need a period of around 4 to 6 weeks plus extensive rehabilitation. If you have severe damage like rupturing your metatarsal ligaments, you’ll need a maximum period of 12 weeks to heal properly. You could even be eligible for these free physiotherapy services, just contact us, and we’ll get back to you within seconds.

Call Us Today and Find Out If You Qualify For These Free Private Treatments

Free private treatments help a great deal when it comes to the healing and recovery of metatarsal injuries. They are particularly useful in restoring normal body movement as quickly as possible. For more information, just call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. Here, you can find out if you benefit from such private treatment at no additional charge to speed up your recovery.