Broken Middle Finger Guide

A broken middle finger can have a surprisingly large impact on your life. Your hand is essential for so many things that when even one finger is out of action simple tasks like personal care, dressing and writing can become an insurmountable challenge. Even after the bone has fully healed, it can take some time for normal function to be returned to the joint and pain and stiffness can be an ongoing problem.

Broken Middle Finger

When you suffer from a broken middle finger, you are probably unprepared for how awkward it will make your life. Usually a broken middle finger occurs as the result of an accidental impact, and although it is usually quite a minor injury, it can be very painful. The treatment usually involves strapping the fingers together to immobilise them and therefore to promote healing, although sometimes if the break is very severe a cast may be needed.

What About Free Treatments?

If you have suffered from a broken middle finger, it is likely that you may be able to take advantage of free treatments. Many people who live in the UK don’t know that they have the chance to make a claim for free private treatments including physiotherapy which can speed the recovery period exponentially. Give Medical Expert a call today and find out if you could be eligible to receive a free treatment for your injury.

What Is The Aim Of Physiotherapy For A Broken Middle Finger?

Even after the bone of your middle finger has fully healed, there can be ongoing issues with stiffness and pain that can cause long term problems in accomplishing everyday activities. The range of movement can be restricted due to the amount of time spent with the finger immobilised and the muscles and bones may need help to become stronger and more resilient to damage. The aims of physiotherapy for a broken middle finger include:

  • To increase the strength of the middle finger and the whole hand
  • To regain a full range of movement for the finger
  • To be able to pick up items and use the hand normally without experiencing pain
  • To restore normal function to the hand

Which Types Of Free Private Treatments Could Be Available To Me?

Despite the fact that lots of UK residents are unaware that they may well be eligible to receive free private treatments, we offer a broad spectrum of treatments which can treat your broken middle finger and speed its recovery to help you to get back to normal. You won’t have to pay a penny for this additional private treatment which can be carried out by our team of skilled healthcare professionals all around the country, so give us a call today and find out if you too could be eligible.

Broken Middle Finger Rehab Timeline

On average, a broken middle finger takes about four to six weeks to heal completely, however this still depends on how serious your original fracture was. Once the bone has healed, a course of physiotherapy can help to ensure that the range of movement is restored to the finger to help alleviate the stiffness and pain that can linger on long after healing has occurred.

Can I Do Anything To Recover More Quickly?

When you have broken your middle finger, a physiotherapy exercise regime can be extremely helpful in minimising the pain and discomfort in the hand and finger that can often be experienced long after the injury itself. Through carrying out these exercises, it is often possible to restore the complete function of the hand and fingers and to strengthen the muscles and bones in that area to achieve speedier healing. Contact Medical Expert to discover if you can benefit from free physiotherapy for your injury.

Find Out Whether Free Treatment Is A Possibility For You

Take advantage of our free courses of private physiotherapy treatments for a broken middle finger and you will often find that you heal more quickly and achieve a better range of movement in your hand and fingers that allow you to get your life back to normal. Contact us today and you can learn in seconds if you too are eligible to benefit from completely free private physiotherapy in your area.