Broken Middle Toe Guide

A broken middle toe may seem to be quite a minor injury, however it occurs fairly frequently and can be extremely painful. Usually caused by dropping a heavy item onto the foot or by walking into furniture, a broken middle toe may only affect a small part of your body but it can cause some surprisingly long lasting problems.

Broken Middle Toe

If you have a break in your middle toe, the most common form of treatment is to tape the toes together as this will minimise movement and allow for healing to take place. In some rare cases, the break will be severe enough to warrant the foot being put in a plaster cast, however usually only minor treatment will be necessary. Sometimes, a special shoe is recommended by doctors to protect the injured toe while it is swollen and painful. However, even when the bone has healed, there can be ongoing problems with pain and stiffness in the affected area.

Is There Any Additional Free Treatment I Can Have?

If you have suffered from a broken middle toe, you could possibly be able to benefit from free treatment. Many UK residents are unaware that they are able to claim for private treatments such as physiotherapy, heat packs or ice packs for their injury in order to make their recovery more speedy. Call us today to find out more about your eligibility for additional treatment completely free of charge.

What Is The Aim Of Physiotherapy For A Broken Middle Toe?

A broken middle toe often causes difficulty with walking even after the bone has fully healed, and there may also be issues with ongoing stiffness which can make wearing certain types of shoes painful. The middle toe may struggle to move easily and will often feel weak. However a course of physiotherapy can serve several purposes:

  • To help to give extra strength to the toe in order to guard against a re-occurrence of the injury
  • To regain movement in the middle toe
  • To be able to walk comfortably without experiencing pain
  • To restore the foot and toe’s normal functions

Which Kinds Of Free Private Treatments Could I Get?

Although many people don’t know that they could possibly benefit from free private treatment, many people across the length and breadth of the UK have been able to receive free treatment for their broken middle toe and not had to pay anything themselves. We have a range of treatments suitable for treating this condition, and often, our healthcare professionals can deliver that high level of treatment completely for free in many parts of the country. Call Medical Expert today and learn more about whether we can offer you one of our effective treatments to relieve the pain that you are experiencing in your foot.

Broken Middle Toe Rehab Timeline

On average, a broken middle toe will time around four to six weeks to fully heal, although this will depend on how bad the original fracture was. Following healing, a programme of rehabilitation exercises will ensure that residual pain is minimised, and movement is restored to the toe and foot.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Recover More Quickly?

When you have a broken middle toe, you can often benefit from a regime of physiotherapy exercises which can help to minimise pain in the foot, make walking more comfortable and to increase the range of movement in the foot and toe. Through exercises to strengthen the bones and muscles in the foot and toes, healing will be achieved more rapidly. Call us to learn more about whether physiotherapy is an option available to you.

Ask Us If Free Treatment Is A Possibility For You

When you take advantage of a free private physiotherapy treatment for a broken middle toe, you will find that your healing is expedited and the strength and range of movement in your toe and foot are greatly improved, enabling you to walk and stand more comfortably. Call us today to find out in seconds if you are eligible for private physiotherapy treatments in your area.