Broken Neck Guide

A broken neck is defined simply as a fracture in one or more of the seven vertebrae that make up the neck. Due to this broad definition the broken neck survival rate is much better than you may think, with broken neck death as a relatively unlikely outcome. This guide will inform you about the symptoms of a broken neck, recommended neck fracture treatment, and the average broken neck recovery time.

What Does a Broken Neck Feel Like?

Following a traumatic impact to the neck, from athletic activity, an unexpected blow, or a number of other reasons, there are several fractured neck symptoms which will become apparent. These include:

  • Severe and unmanageable pain in the neck area
  • Immediate swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the neck region
  • Loss of sensation or feeling in the arms
  • Loss of functionality in the hands, shoulders, and neck
  • Muscle weakness with the potential for paralysis

Is There Any Helpful Treatment I Can Get for Free?

If you have suffered a broken neck you may be eligible to receive a variety of free treatments, including physiotherapy, medical compresses, and icepacks. Many UK nationals are eligible to claim free treatment for their injuries, resulting in improved recovery times. To find out if you’re eligible for these free treatments, please contact us today.

Neck Fracture Treatment

A broken neck is an injury that can range from mild to extremely severe. As such the treatment options will vary according to the extent of the damage. First and foremost it is critical that any victim of neck injury be immobilized to reduce the risk of further aggravation until an x-ray can be taken. Once the broken neck has been diagnosed there are five main options available for treatment.

  • Cervical Collars
  • Rigid, inflexible braces
  • Traction therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Broken neck surgery

What Free Private Treatment Can I Qualify For?

You may not realise it, but you and millions of other people with similar injuries across the UK can obtain access to free, private treatment for a broken neck. We have multiple different treatments available, and depending on where you’re located, it can be delivered quickly, and for free, by healthcare professionals. The treatments offered will help you to recover quicker, and get you back to full strength faster than you’d expect.

How Long Does It Take To Recover from a Broken Neck?

Initial recovery from a broken neck generally takes two to three months, and requires extensive, targeted exercises to restore mobility and functionality to the neck while reducing pain. It is of critical importance that a knowledgeable physiotherapist assist with the recovery process to reduce the risk of further aggravation of the injury. In most cases it is advisable to avoid weight bearing activities unless specifically directed by your therapist.

How Can I Recover Safer and Possibly Faster?

Injuries to the neck have the potential to be extremely dangerous, and can result in paralysis or even death, particularly if not treated properly. Physiotherapy plays a critical role in the recovery process and restoration of functionality and mobility, and you may be eligible for free treatments in your area. To find out if we can help speed up your recovery process simply give us a call and we’ll let you know immediately.

Contact Us Today And Discover If You Could Be Eligible For Free Private Treatment

Many people are unaware of the benefits of private physiotherapy for a broken neck. In order to recover more quickly and return to work and your normal life as soon as possible, physiotherapy is required. To find out if you qualify for free, private physiotherapy treatments for your cervical injury, call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today and find out more. In less than a minute, we could help you discover the benefits of a course of private treatment at no extra charge in your area. Let us help put you on the fast track to recovery.