Broken Metatarsal Guide

The metatarsal bones are located in the foot and these are amongst the most common breaks of bones in the foot. When you have broken the metatarsal you could find yourself in a lot of pain and discomfort. In addition to this, you may be left in a situation where you cannot carry out your daily tasks due to lack of mobility in your foot, which can make life very difficult. The healing process when you have broken the metatarsal can be quite lengthy depending on the extent of the damage. In addition to initial treatment, you also need to look at physiotherapy afterwards to regain full mobility.

Some common broken metatarsal symptoms

If you are unsure whether you have suffered a broken metatarsal it is advisable to look at the common broken metatarsal symptoms to provide you with a better idea. With these breaks, it can be a gradual process or can be a sudden one that is caused by injury. Some common symptoms include:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Difficulty putting weight on your foot
  • Limited movement in the foot
  • Pain

It is worth noting that the bruising with this type of injury normally comes with an acute fracture caused by sudden injury. With a stress fracture, caused by repetitive stress, there tends to be swelling but may not be any bruising.

The causes of a broken metatarsal

The causes of a broken metatarsal bone can vary depending on whether it is an acute or a stress fracture. With stress fractures, those involved in regular sports may be affected because of the continued strain they put on their feet. Runners that wear the wrong shoes or suddenly increase their speed may experience this type of issue. The acute fracture is the result of a sudden impact such as a fall, dropping something on your foot, or someone stepping on the foot.

If you’ve broken the metatarsal how long does it take to heal?

If you’ve broken the metatarsal the length of time to heal can vary based on the damage done and the metatarsal bone that has been affected. For instance, 5th metatarsal fracture healing time can differ from 3rd metatarsal healing time. The healing time for a 5th metatarsal fracture is around 6-8 weeks while for others it is around 6 weeks. The amount of strain you put on your foot and how well you keep it rested will also have an impact. In addition, you should make sure you undergo physiotherapy to regain mobility once the cast or bandaging has been removed. You can access free private treatment for this – simply contact us to find out more.

I’ve broken the metatarsal, what free private treatment can I get?

If you have broken the metatarsal, you may be entitled to a range of free private treatment. This includes access to bandages and dressings, casts, and physiotherapy to help you recover once the dressings or cast has been removed. Making sure you get this treatment can help your metatarsal bone to heal more efficiently and can speed up the time it takes to regain full mobility in your foot. Get in touch with us today for further information.

How can I recover safer and possibly faster?

Making sure you follow instructions with regards to resting your foot and avoiding strain will help to make recovery faster and safer. In addition, ensuring you get physiotherapy in order to regain full movement in your foot will help to speed up the healing process. For free private treatment, you can contact our team and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for free private treatment

Many people are unaware that they are eligible for free private treatment after they break the metatarsal bone. However, a lot of people do qualify for this type of treatment free of charge. Whatever your UK location, we may be able to help arrange this. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we can check on your eligibility.