Broken Wrist Cast Guide

Breaking your wrist can be very painful but also have an effect on your day to day life. Trying to carry out even the simplest tasks can be a real challenge when you have your broken wrist in a cast. Even after the broken wrist cast comes off, you may experience issues because your wrist has been out of action for so long. This can affect your mobility, which means that you need to ensure you get the right treatment both for your broken wrist, and once the cast comes off. Once your broken wrist cast is removed, you will need to make sure you regain mobility in your wrist and arm properly.

Some signs and symptoms of a broken wrist

When you experience a break to the wrist, there are various symptoms that you should look out for. You can then seek appropriate treatment for the break. Some of the main signs and symptoms that could indicate a broken wrist include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Tenderness and weakness
  • Difficulty picking up or grasping things
  • Numbness

Some common causes of a broken wrist

Many people suffer accidents and injuries that result in them breaking their wrist. This can happen in many ways, such as if you fall and land on your wrist, put your hand out to break a fall, or when taking part in certain sporting activities. Of course, you may also break your wrist in something like a road traffic accident or anything else that results in trauma to the wrist area.

How long is the healing process for a broken wrist in a cast?

The healing process for a broken wrist can vary based on the level of the injury and the treatment that is required. In general, if you have a broken wrist cast on you could be looking at around four to six weeks for recovery. However, you need to remember that the recovery process does not end when the broken wrist cast comes off. You also need to think about getting the strength back in your wrist and regaining proper movement in it. This is where free private physiotherapy can help. To find out more about this service, get in touch with us today.

What free private treatment am I eligible for?

You may be eligible to access a range of private free treatment if you have broken your wrist. Obviously, you need to treat the broken wrist initially and then look at speeding up healing after the cast is taken off. We can provide you with free treatment such as bandages, slings, and casts so that you have support for your wrist. In addition, we can also arrange free physiotherapy for you so that you can regain proper mobility.

How can I recover more safely and quickly with a broken wrist cast on?

When it comes to a broken wrist in a cast, the treatment and recovery time will vary based on the extent of the damage. You need to ensure that you do not put any unnecessary pressure or strain on the broken wrist cast while the wrist healing, as this could do more damage. You may be eligible for free treatment such as physiotherapy, and this can help to speed up the healing process. To find out if you are eligible for free private treatment all you need to do is give us a call and we can help.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for free private treatment

If you were unaware that you could get free private treatment for your broken wrist, don’t worry – you are not alone. You may be eligible for free treatment no matter what part of the UK you live in. By getting in touch with us, you can quickly find out your eligibility for free treatment from one of our friendly team.