Broken Wrist Guide

Breaking your wrist is a very painful and often scary injury. A broken wrist can greatly hinder your mobility, preventing you from doing even the simplest of daily tasks. Regaining the use of both hands as quickly possible is very important to ensure that you don’t miss any more work than what is necessary. A faster recovery time can be achieved through the best medical treatment and rehabilitation. Where the broken wrist is severe, physiotherapy may also be required to regain full use of the wrist. Our guide covers the different types of fracture, tips for recovery, and the best treatments available.

The Different Broken Wrist Types

There is substantial difference between the broken wrist types that can occur in the 10 wrist bones. The most common fracture is a distal radius fracture, which involves breaking the radius bone. Non-displaced and displaced fractures are also common, where the bone is stable or unstable respectively. Where there is an unstable break, a broken wrist cast may be needed.

In severe cases, there may be multiple breaks or damage to the joint, these can require surgery. The different wrist fracture types mean that there is a big variation between the symptoms in minor cases, like hairline fractured wrist symptoms, and severe cases.

Are There Any Free Helpful Broken Wrist Treatments?

If you are suffering from a broken wrist, you could be eligible for help with medical supplies, such as a free sling, medical compresses, or ice packs. There are many people in the UK that are able to claim for this additional aid for free, helping them to recover from their broken wrist much more quickly. You can contact our team today to find out which treatments are available.

What Private Treatment am I Eligible Get for Free?

Many people don’t realise that there is an extensive range of services offering free private treatment in the UK for patients suffering from a broken wrist. From help with broken wrist recovery, to assistance with broken wrist pain while in a cast, there are a number of free medical treatments throughout the UK.

Which area of the UK you live in will determine which free treatment you could be eligible for. However, with just a quick call to our team, you can get all the information you need about the free treatment for a broken wrist in your area.

Broken Wrist Recovery Tips

It takes patience and care for a healthy broken wrist recovery. Commonly, a broken wrist will be healed after about 2 months, but this can be much longer in the case of severe breaks. There are a number of ways that you can reduce the recovery time safely, including:

  • Avoid straining the wrist or lifting heavy items
  • Exercising the area gently to stop it becoming stiff (physiotherapy can greatly assist with learning the right exercises)
  • Raising your arm where possible
  • Looking after the cast and keeping it dry

Is There Any Other Way That I Can Recover Safer and Hopefully Faster?

Everyone wants to recover as quickly as possible after a broken wrist, especially those who have had to undergo extensive surgery, such as in the case of broken wrist surgery plate and screws operations. Physiotherapy is one of the best treatments available in the UK to help patients regain as much mobility, function, and strength as possible.

Many people don’t realise that there are free physiotherapy treatments in the UK that can help with broken wrist recovery. To discover whether you are eligible for broken wrist physiotherapy for free, you can contact our team for more information about the services in your local area.

Contact Us to See If You Qualify for Private Free Treatment

Throughout the UK, there is a wide range of free treatments available for people who are suffering from a broken wrist. There are different types of free treatment, such as free slings and medical compresses. More advanced treatment is also available, such as physiotherapy sessions to help regain strength, movement, and flexibility, and orthopaedic report services.

All it takes is a quick call to Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868, to learn what treatments are available in your local area, and whether you qualify for them. In less than 30 seconds, you could one step closer to receiving the professional treatment that you’re entitled to for your broken wrist. To learn more about your eligibility for free advanced and simple medical treatments, get into contact with us today.