Burn on Hand Guide

Burn injuries are severe as they destroy both the skin as well as other underlying tissues. Several things may cause burn on hand injuries, for instance, chemicals, exposure to radiation, and too much heat. Such injuries often lead to disability and hand deformity. In such cases, proper treatment is essential for your recovery as you try to restore your hand to its normal function.

Which Are the Various Types of Burn on Hand Wounds?

We usually group burns into three classes. You may suffer from first, second and even third-degree burns. While the 1st degree burns damage the epidermis layer of your skin, the second-degree burns go deeper into the dermis layer. The most severe wounds are the third-degree burns which destroy the dermis. Besides, their ability to damage almost the entire skin down to the bone earns them the name full-thickness injuries.

Learn The Burn on Hand Treatments You Can Get For Free!

You can accidentally damage your hand while cooking, fixing an electric device or through exposure to harmful chemicals. When either of these awful occurrences happens, you should know the right treatment methods. That’s why we provide dedicated medical services such as applying a splint on the damaged hand to improve its positioning for faster recovery. If you’re living in the UK, you may be eligible for such hand to burn treatment services at no cost. However, if you don’t know whether you qualify for them, give us a call today, and we’ll tell you what you need to know!

Proper Positioning Techniques for a Burn on Hand Wound

In most cases, when you burn your hand, it tries to position itself in its cosiest posture. Here, the wrist bends downwards as the thumb tucks itself just next to the side. Its large knuckles found at the bottom part of your fingers turn backward. At the same time, the middle joints bend forward giving the fingers a claw-like appearance. While this might be the most comfortable posture, it tightens the middle bones leading to the formation of the scar tissue. Once this is left untreated, it leads to permanent disability of the hand and further limits its use!

The best method is to position your hand, helping it heal with ease gently. Use custom splints made from high quality thermoplastic, low-temperature material. It’s essential as it bends your wrist backward at around 30 degrees with the large knuckles bent forward at 70 degrees. Apart from that, it maintains your fingers in a straight position with the thumb positioned just at the side and away from the burnt hand.

Do You Know the Free Private Burn on Hand Treatment Services You Qualify For?

Did you know that most people living in the UK are getting free medical help services once they accidentally burn their hands? Well, you can benefit from such services too! Here, we have health experts that offer these and more services for free depending on where you live. We take pride in our treatment techniques as they reduce the pain giving you a comfortable time to heal!

The Process of Healing and Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process is an essential step towards controlling burnt injuries to different parts of your hand. Occupational and physical therapists prescribe several exercises to improve mobility and reduce stiffness, especially around the affected joints. You can also massage the burnt part after the wound as it flattens and reduces scar sensitivity.

Rewarding Yourself with a Safe and Secure Healing Process

For minor burns to the hand, you’ll just need 4 to 6 weeks of enough healing. We’ll even provide you with an excellent rehabilitation process to speed up your recovery. Of course, severe injuries need more time to heal, mostly 12 months, but you may qualify for some free physiotherapy treatment services to boost your chances of healing. So, feel free to give us a call, and our medical team will provide you with just the help you require!

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You can enjoy such services by calling Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. In doing so, you’ll join millions of people living in the UK who turn to us whenever they need a burn on their hands repaired. Here, we’ll tell you if you qualify for such medical help services to eventually improve your healing!