Burn to Face Guide

Minor superficial partial thickness wounds or burns on your face may be easily treated from home. However, if you have severe facial injuries, you’ll need to be admitted for better wound care and to relieve the excess pain. Superficial thickness burns usually take around 7 to 10 days for full recovery, and they are best controlled by using open methods without dressing. These techniques include:

  • Washing with some warm soapy water and drying using a clean cloth
  • Clean your face with some mild and non-perfumed soapy water
  • Men should shave where necessary
  • Apply a simple layer of antimicrobial gel or cream on the burnt part using a gauze, cotton swab or clean hand
  • You shouldn’t let the gel enter into your mouth or eyes
  • Apply a non-perfumed substance to unaffected or adjacent parts of the skin

How to Properly Clean a Burn to Face Wound

It’s essential to wash the burn using some running water and mild soap to get rid of the residue and to allow your skin to breathe before reapplication of the cream. Here, you may use a clean flannel to assist with the removal of residual creams as well as debris. Repeat this for almost two hours!

Can You Get Personalised Treatments for Free When Your Face Gets Burnt?

Although you can quickly treat minor face burns from home, seeking medical help services is essential for follow-up. That’s why we are here to give you dedicated physiotherapy treatment whenever you need it. Interestingly, most people living in the United Kingdom can enjoy such services at no cost. Do you also qualify for this treatment? Well, you only need to contact us and find out for yourself!

Types of Minor Facial Burns You Need to Know!

Epidermal facial wounds are usually caused by intense sunburn or flash burns from various explosions. They are painful and may lead to cases of oedema. You can control them by constant cleaning and use of a moisturizer. You should even check for ocular damage and examine your eyes for any corneal damage. These burns to the face will also heal with hardly any scarring!

There are also dermal facial burns which are a bit more severe as compared to the epidermal wounds. They usually come as a result of petrol, vapour, electrical switchboards or gas. Mostly, they involve the massive production of exudates within the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury. You should also watch over possible ocular damage, and examine the eyes for any harm to the corneal.

You May Qualify for Some Free Private Burn to Face Medical Services

You don’t have to struggle with minor wounds anymore as you can get free individual treatment once something hot comes into contact with your face. Here, we have different medical services and depending on your location; they can be delivered for free by our healthcare professionals. The services we provide will quickly help your face to heal so that you can continue performing your normal day’s business!

Safe and Reliable Healing Process for Minor Burn to Face Injuries

Minor burns to your face take little time to heal with only 14 days of proper wound management. They even have a low risk of forming scars although this may change depending on the quality of treatment you’ll use. Such facial wounds are also dynamic, meaning that they can change with time as the burn goes through different levels of healing. Furthermore, you should remember to change the dressing as the wound goes through these stages.

Warnings and Precautions Involving Minor Facial Burns!

You shouldn’t try to treat a minor burn to face wound if you have diabetes if you’re a child or have problems with poor circulation. Instead, seek proper medical attention in case you accidentally burn a part of your face through chemical or electrical means. After that, remember to conduct appropriate follow-up measures within two to three days to make sure that there are no healing complications such as increased pain, swelling, fever, redness, rash or even chills.

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