Burn to Hand Guide

Your skin gets damaged once something hot comes into contact with it causing the death of skin cells. The severity of the burn depends on the heat intensity and the time it took to destroy your skin. In more severe cases, such heat may even damage the skin tissues below it. However, heat is not the only cause for burn to hand injuries. Here, it’s important to note that chemicals also play a huge part in ‘scorching’ your skin cells.

Which Are The Various Degrees of Burn Hand Injuries?

Burns are grouped into four categories depending on the seriousness of the injury.

Understanding all of them will give you the direction you need to arrive at the right treatment. They include:

  • Superficial or 1st degree burns – They cause redness with no blisters
  • 2nd degree burns further damage the skin causing blisters
  • 3rd degree burns cause full thickness damage where the skin is left white and somewhat leathery
  • 4th degree burns destroy the deeper skin structures like the joints, bones, and tendons

Which Free Private Treatments Are Available For You Once You Burn Your Hand?

If you’ve ever burnt your hand in one way or another, you could easily qualify for our free treatment services such as applying lubricating oil and other treatment procedures like getting a medical splint. A good number of UK residents are claiming such medical help to heal their burns quickly. Therefore, if you want to find out whether you qualify for any of these medical services, simply reach out to us and we’ll give you all the essential details.

Hand Rehabilitation and Therapy

Therapy is crucial depending on the seriousness of the injury plus any other issue that may make your hand get stiff. Superficial or 1st degree burns don’t require any form of therapy, but this is not the case when it comes to other deeper burn to hand injuries. Here, you’ll need extensive rehabilitation to get you back to full health. All in all, make sure that you’ve communicated with your doctor to know if you’ll need therapy or not!

Will You Need Additional Surgery?

A majority of patients suffering from burn injuries will need more than just one operation. Why so? Well, many burnt hands tend to develop contractures several months or years after their original injury. Hence, establishing a long-term treatment process with your doctor is critical as it helps him or her to decide if you’ll need more surgery to get your hand functioning normally!

You Can Qualify for Our Burn to Hand Injury Medical Service!

So, you’ve accidentally burnt your hand and tried a couple of home remedies to ease the pain. However, you shouldn’t stop there as it’s important to seek medical advice for better recovery. Fortunately, a good number of people in the UK are turning to us for better burn to hand physiotherapy help, delivered for free by our healthcare experts depending on where they live. The kind of services we provide will get you back to top-notch health faster than you would ever expect!

How to Enjoy a Fast and Secure Recovery Process

If you only have a small burn, you’ll need close to 6 weeks to heal properly. Other than that, we’ll offer you with an excellent rehabilitation process to get you healed in no time! However, for more severe injuries, you’ll require around 12 months of complete recovery. Luckily, you stand a chance of qualifying for some of our treatments which speed up your recovery. We encourage you to contact us, and we’ll give you just the right burn to hand treatment help!

Contact Us Now and Find Out If You Qualify for Our Free Private Burn to Hand Treatments!

A majority of people today don’t know that they could be eligible for our free physiotherapy services once they accidentally burn their hands. If you wish to find out whether you qualify for these and more medical services, call Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868 and learn more. Within seconds, you can find out whether you can benefit from such private treatments at no additional charge to fast track your road to recovery!