Burn to Eye Guide

Burning eyes have many different causes, both simple and severe. You may not even notice symptoms such as eye pain, itching, discharge and watery eyes once the burning feeling occurs. So, what causes that burning sensation in your eyes? Well, the most reasonable answer would be environmental influences like high counts of pollen as well as strong winds. However, if the pain persists, then it means that you’re suffering from a complex eye problem that might need close medical attention.

What May Cause a Burn to the Eye?

There are times where you’ll quickly note the cause of a burn to the eye. For instance, they may burn if they come into contact with harmful chemicals like chlorine from swimming pools, shampoo ingredients and sunscreen. Others which may cause such eye damage include skin moisturizers, cleaning products, and soap.

Besides, we’ve also realised that those who wear contact lenses for prolonged periods may also make their eyes to burn. Other causes of burning eyes include:

  • Environmental irritants like dust, smoke or dust
  • Hot, dry or cold air

Even though getting an object in your eye may make it burn, don’t ignore the conditions as it may lead to severe eye complications such as dry eyes and ocular rosacea. Furthermore, viral and bacterial infections cause inflammations which ultimately result in burning eyes. Even a mere common cold or flu may lead to this awful condition.

Which Type of Treatment Are You Likely to Get at No Cost?

Are you suffering from the effects of a burning eye? If so, we know that you’re looking for the best kind of treatment, and luckily, we’re here to provide you with just the help you need. We offer free medical services such as lubricating eye drops to ease the pain. Interestingly, this is something that most people in the UK are taking full advantage of for better recovery. If you want to know whether you qualify for our free treatment services, contact us for this and more information!

Simple Tips for Preventing and Recovering from a Burn to the Eye

If by mistake a household substance enters in your eyes, you should first check its label and go through the instructions. In many situations, you can safely rinse or wash your eyes to reduce the painful feeling. Let’s take the example of the sunscreen we use during the warm months to keep our body protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light (UV). Here, once such a product gets into your eyes, remember to rinse your eyes carefully using clean water for quicker relief.

If you suffer from any allergy, look for prescribed eye drops to reduce the burning that comes with such allergies. However, these drops differ from the standard oral allergy meds which may cause your eyes to keep burning by thoroughly drying them! Despite this, if you find that the medicines you’re using are the ‘culprit’ behind your burning eyes, first talk with your doctor before cancelling its use.

Do I Qualify For Any Free Private Treatment?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you need to know that close to millions of people living in the United Kingdom are already enjoying our services. We have a lot of eye treatment services available for you and depending on your location; our healthcare experts deliver them for free! The treatments that we provide will minimise the burning sensation and get you back to complete health in no time!

The Complications Caused By Having a Burn to the Eye!

Our eyes are the light of the world. Such means that we need them to observe and understand what’s going on around us. In this case, some of the problems that you’ll go through once one eye or both of them get damaged include:

  • You’ll become sensitive to light
  • Blurred and double vision
  • Eye discharge which may be painful at times
  • Eye floaters

How to Maintain a Safe and Quick Recovery Process

For minor burning eye injuries, a simple healing process around six weeks is necessary. We also go out of our way to give you a sophisticated and extensive process or rehabilitation. On the other hand, if you’ve suffered from a more severe case, you’ll need a lengthy period of close to 12 months to recover. Lastly, you may even be eligible for free physiotherapy services in your area to help with your recovery process, just reach out to us and we’ll let you know immediately!

Call Us Today and Discover If You Qualify For Our Free Private Medical Services

Many people today are enjoying our free eye treatment services to restore full eyesight and to help them return to their typical day’s business. Therefore, if you want to know if you qualify for our private physiotherapy treatment services as well as other crucial details, call Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868. We’ll respond within seconds and soon, you’ll be on the clear path to full eye recovery!