Burns from boiling water Guide

Burn injuries caused by boiling water or any similar hot liquid can cause severe burn damages to the skin and cause severe pain. These tend to be more serious because the underlying tissue also suffers damage, which is best treated by a medical professional. Medical Expert makes it possible to access such private medical care to deal with boiling water burn wounds, free of charge. We ensure that the recovery period is the shortest possible and are able to advise you on minimising any lasting scars caused by boiling water.

What are burns from boiling water?

Burns from boiling water is called as scalds, the cause of damage to the skin and tissue cells are same as from the burns. The damage to the skin is deeper than the burn, but the treatment can be the same for both burns and scalds. Burns from boiling water is mostly accidental and happens quite quickly. One of the most common causes of burns from boiling water is due to hot tap water accidents and the commonly injured ones are young children and older people.

Treatment for burns from boiling water

One of the first things to do after a burn from boiling water is to run the burnt area under a tap of cool water for 5 minutes to 15 minutes or longer depending if the person has any pain relief. Burn gels, Aloe Vera gels are also used for treatment especially if it is first degree burns. For blisters formed during a second-degree burns, blisters should be covered with sterile gauze that is moistened with water. It is advisable not to pop the blisters as this will cause a further infection. OTC Pain medications such as Aspirin, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can be used to reduce the pain after the burn from boiling water

Preventive measures for burns from boiling water

Burns from boiling water or scalding occurs mostly due to accidents, which are usually preventable through taking simple precautionary measures. Steps which can greatly reduce the risk of burns from boiling water may include:

  • Keeping hot water pots out of reach of children, by using back burners on stoves and turning pot handles to the back
  • Check the temperature of tap water and making sure to set the thermostat to be hot enough for use within the home
  • Ensure that cords of kettles are kept away from areas with high traffic or which may be in the reach of children

What Free Private Treatment can you Access for Burns

As burns with boiling water generally tend to be quite serious, namely second and third-degree burns, you will usually have to visit a medical professional for initial treatment of the wound, as well as follow up treatments. This may include assessing the healing of the burn wound as well as related medical procedures such as changing of the dressing.

Medical Expert offers a broad range of private medical treatments, administered by qualified professionals at no charge, depending on the coverage in the area of your residence. We can assist you with the initial and follow up treatments to ensure that the damage and resultant recovery period is minimised.

Things to Avoid When Burns from Boiling Water Occurs

Boiling water can cause serious burns wounds within a few seconds when making contact with the skin, and thus it is usually advisable to seek medical assistance when dealing with such burns or scalds. However, there are a few things which should generally be avoided when dealing with boiling water burns:

  • If the burn occurs through clothing or areas of the body which are covered, cold water can be applied, but in serious cases it is best for a medical professional to remove the clothes
  • When blisters form on the brunt skin area, these should not be popped or broken as this may expose to underlying tissue to contamination and possible infection
  • Burns caused by boiling water should not be exposed to the sun or any similar external source of heat

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Many people who have suffered a burn injury with boiling water may spend considerable sums of money to access private medical treatment. We however, offer many of these medical treatments within designated areas free of charge. Just contact our dedicated staff members to find out if you qualify for free treatment and start on your road to recovery immediately.