Burns on Lips Guide

Weather you simply forgot your suntan lotion at the beach day or sipped some piping hot coffee by accident, burns on lips can be a very serious and painful issue. Just like any other burn, if there is considerable pain it is in your best interest to see a medical professional for proper assistance to ensure that no further complications such as an infection occur and also to make sure that your burns heal in the shortest time possible.

Burns and Burns on Lips

A burn is characterised as damage done to skin or tissues due to the exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold, chemicals and radiation. One of the most common types of burns which occur is due to the exposure to heat or cold. The degree of the burn depends on and is categorised by the severity of the damage to the skin or tissue.

Burns on one’s lips are generally due to exposure to heat such as can be caused by sunburn, scalding hot food or hot wax and exposure to extreme cold, which can also chap and burn your lips. Depending on the degree of burn and the damage to the lip, treatment is accordingly advised.

Symptoms of burns on lips

Some of the common symptoms of lips may be:

  • Blistering
  • Swollen lips
  • Redness of Lips
  • Peeling of skin

Diagnosing Burns on lips

The burns on lips are diagnosed based on the severity of the damage to the lip, of which the severity is measured in degrees. The burn severities are first, second and third-degree burns;

  • First degree burns may cause pain, a burning sensation and mild swelling
  • Second degree burns cause similar damage to the skin in addition to the blisters that form on the affected area
  • The most severe of them the third-degree burns. The damage is so severe there is actually no pain and results in numbness- often the skin will be charred and leathery

Treatment for Burns on lips

Burns on lips can be treated either through making use of home remedies for burns or using antibiotics to prevent infection due to the damage caused to the lip. The common home remedies to treat burns on lips are

  • Cold compress on the affected area
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Masks with natural and moisturising oils
  • Moisturising Vitamin E oil
  • Hydrocortisone 1% cream

Preventive measures

The preventive measures that can be taken for the burns on lips depend on the different sources of burn. To prevent burns on lips from sun burn is to apply lip balm or lipstick that contains a minimum of SPF30. Burns on lips due to scalding hot food or beverage can be prevented by taking time to complete the meal or wait for it to cool down before eating it. Generally using moisturising oils that contain vitamin E can help you keep the lips in good condition.

Free Private Medical Treatment You Can Access for Burns on Lips

Not all of you may be aware but there are free private medical treatments you could qualify for if you suffer from burns on lips. This is dependent on the level of coverage which is provided in the area of your residence and could include to access a wide diversity of services and medical products, such as consultations with a medical professional or even specialised creams and ointments for treating burns on the skin.

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