Burns on Roof of Mouth Guide

We all at some time or another experience burning inside of the mouth, burns on the tongue, or even burns on the lips. Most of us just brush it aside and accept that it will heal in a couple of days. These burns however can be quite severe, and you could need a medical expert to examine them and determine the best course of treatment.

Generally, cold and soft foods, such as ice cream sooth the inside of the mouth, while rinsing the inside of the mouth with an antiseptic such as a mouthwash can prevent any infections.

Causes of Burns on Roof of Mouth

The inside of the mouth is much more sensitive than the external body and the tissues inside the mouth are hypersensitive making it easily susceptible to burns. Burns on the roof of mouth is generally caused due to eating or drinking hot items and the common culprits are hot coffee or hot pizza. Like the other skin tissues, burns on roof of mouth are treated based on the severity of the damage to the roof of mouth and the degree of burn.

Symptoms of Burns on Roof of Mouth

The symptoms for the burns on roof of mouth depend on the damage and the severity of the burn. For a superficial or first-degree burn, the symptoms are pain, redness and peeling of skin on the roof of mouth. Whereas for a more serious burn, like second and third-degree burns, symptoms such as extreme pain, redness, peeling of skin and blisters.

Treatment options for Burns Inside the Mouth

The treatment for burns on the roof of mouth depends on the severity of the burn, for a superficial first degree burn sipping on cold or frozen foods can help you ease the pain, salt water treatments also help in healing the wound faster and use of OTC medications for pain relief. In cases of more severe second or third-degree burns on roof of mouth, this can cause nerve damage in your mouth. Antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the chances of any infection and in cases of extreme damage, a skin graft might be recommended.

Things to avoid during the healing of burns on roof of mouth:

To help in the recovery from the burns on roof of mouth, some of the tips to follow are

  • Avoid spicy food
  • Acidic food such as orange juice or tomatoes to be avoided.
  • Try to not to have caffeine products
  • No smoking and alcohol
  • Crunchy or hard food items

Preventive Measures

Burns on roof of mouth is commonly due to scalding hot food or beverages, this can be prevented by taking time to complete the food or wait for it to cool down before eating it. Many may enjoy food or beverages when scalding hot, but just allowing for a few minutes can greatly reduce the risk of burning your mouth, which can be very painful.

What Free Medical Treatment Might You Qualify for?

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Chronic Burning Sensations in the Mouth

As noted it is important so see a doctor or dentist if you suffer from moderate to serious burns inside the mouth as these types of burns are usually second or third degree burns and run the risk of further complications.

There are however cases where you may not have physically burned the inside of your mouth with something hot, but still experience a burning sensation inside your mouth (which may come and go). In such cases, this may be caused by ailments such as a yeast infection, depression, dry mouth, nerve damage in the mouth, a nutrient deficiency, or something related.
It such cases it is still advised to see a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

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