Burns on tongue Guide

Burning your tongue is quite a common occurrence, and many of us will be familiar with that burnt tongue feeling. It can occur for a number of reason, including simply drinking or eating something that’s a little too hot. Usually treatment for a tongue burn blister is similar to treatment for a burn elsewhere on our body. A more mild burn on your tongue will heal by itself, over time. If the burn is more serious, then it’s advisable to seek professional medical attention immediately. For those more minor burns on tongue, read on for some tips to help you heal.

What Happens When You Burn Your Tongue?

Depending on the severity of the tongue burn, you will likely experience the following symptoms:

  • If it is a first-degree burn, it will only affect the top layer of the tongue. You will experience a bit of pain as well as swelling and redness on the tongue.
  • For second-degree burns on tongue you will experience more pain, more redness and more swelling. You may also experience tongue burn blisters.
  • In the case of a third-degree tongue burn, the skin will turn almost completely black or white. The pain will also be quite severe.

For all types of burns on tongue, you’re likely to experience burnt taste buds as well, which means your sense of taste will be reduced for a temporary period.

Can You Receive Medical Treatments for Free When You Suffer From Burns on Tongue?

Although it is possible treat minor tongue burns at home, it is recommended that professional medical help is sought for more serious situations. At Medical Expert, we are here to offer free professional physiotherapy services for those who need it. Many people are unaware that they could qualify for these services for free. To find out if you do, contact us today and explore your options.

Tips to Treat Burns on Tongue

For all types of tongue burns, there are some basic tips that you can follow at home to reduce the pain and avoid infection from forming on your tongue:

  • Run cool water over the area for a few minutes
  • Hold a cold clean cloth over the burn
  • Suck on some ice to relieve yourself of pain
  • Stay away from consuming any hot liquids and food which could further irritate your burn
  • To reduce inflammation of the tongue, ibuprofen can be helpful

You May Be Eligible for Some Free Private Treatment

If you’re sick and tired of that burnt tongue feeling, you’ll be relieved to hear that it may be possible for you to access free medical services in your local area. Get your taste buds back to normal by contacting us today to find out what private treatments could be available to you completely free of cost!

What is Burning Tongue Syndrome?

There may be times when you feel a burning sensation on the tongue, but you don’t have an actual burn. This is known as burning tongue syndrome, or idiopathic glossopyrosis in medical terms. If you experience this often and are searching for burning tongue syndrome treatment, we may be able to assist you. Give us a call today at XX to find out more.

Contact Us to Find Out More About Our Free Private Medical Services on Offer

A large number of people are unaware of whether they qualify for our free private medical treatments when they suffer from burns on tongue. If you are based in the UK and want to find out if you can receive free help, give us a call at Medical Expert on XX. In under 30 seconds, we’ll be able to tell you whether you’re eligible or not. We’re here to help assist you in your journey to recovery!