Cost of a knee replacement Guide

Having any sort of surgery through the NHS in the UK can involve very lengthy waits and delays, which can be frustrating. More importantly, it means that the patient is left waiting in pain and discomfort for surgery that they need such as a knee replacement. On the other hand, the cost of a knee replacement privately can be very high, with some charging thousands of pounds for the procedure. When it comes to the cost of a knee replacement NHS can do it free but you are then stuck with those frustrating delays. Of course, you may find that the cost of a knee replacement is covered by your insurance if you have any in place, so this is something that you should check on.

What is the difference between partial and total knee replacement?

A partial replacement of the knee involves removing and replacing one side of the knee joint where as the total one means that the surgeon will replace both sides. When it comes to partial knee replacement cost UK residents will pay less than for a total replacement. While this may be better than dealing with the knee replacement NHS waiting time, it can still be very expensive. Knee replacement cost in Europe and other destinations can be lower, so many people fly abroad to have the operation. While the cost of the surgery can vary from one provider to another, the typical costs can run to well in excess of £10,000 in the UK.

Is the cost of a knee replacement covered by medical insurance?

Some people have medical insurance in place, and if this is the case you may find that the cost is covered by medical insurance. However, this is something that you need to check on your policy or by calling your insurance company, as it is not always the case. Medical insurance has a range of exclusions so you always need to read the small print to check what you are and are not covered for. If you have medical insurance, make sure you find out conclusively whether you are covered.

Why go private rather than NHS?

Some people may wonder why they should go private instead of NHS, given the amount of money it can cost for this type of surgery. Well, one of the key reasons why people decide to go private or head abroad is because they want to be relieved of the pain as quickly as possible and start getting back to their normal routine again. With the NHS, the waiting times alone can put people off and some are concerned about the condition of the hospitals. One thing that many people don’t realise is that in the UK you can also gain access to free private treatment. To find out more, simply call us today.

What free private treatment for a knee replacement can I qualify for?

You could be eligible for a range of free private treatment as a resident of the UK. Having any sort of knee surgery requires the use of bandages and dressings to help the wound to heal safely. In addition, you will need to have physiotherapy to get your leg and knee mobile again after you have been out of action and had your knee replaced. You can access these treatments free privately, so contact us today to find out more.

Will the recovery process take long?

The recovery process will vary in terms of time whether you have had private or NHS surgery. This is because your age, health, and the type of operation you have had will play a part in how long it takes. Making sure you don’t try to walk on your leg too soon after the operation, keeping the wound protected, and having physiotherapy will all aid the healing process. You can get free private physiotherapy to help with your mobility through exercise. Simply get in touch today for more information.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for free private treatment

There is a good chance that you could be eligible for free private treatment if you are a UK resident. No matter which part of the country you live in, we may be able to sort out free private treatment for you in your area. To see whether you qualify for this treatment or to get further information, pick up the phone and contact us today.