Fractured Back Guide

A fractured back can be one of the most serious fracture injuries you can sustain, but it can also be relatively minor, with very little treatment required. Fracturing your back could mean fracturing any one of the 24-different flexible vertebral bones in the back, or the 9 fused bones that make up the coccyx and sacrum. Due to the multitude of bones in the back, there is substantial variation in the severity of injuries possible, and the treatment that may be required to heal the fractured back. Our guide covers the spinal fracture types, spinal fracture treatment options, and recovery time line for a fractured back.

What Are the Different Spinal Fracture Types?

Along with the different parts of the back that can be damaged, there are also a lot of different spinal fracture types; ranging from minor injuries, to those that may require extensive surgical intervention for a recovery to be made. The common spinal fracture types, include:

  • Compression Fracture – A fracture than occurs when the vertebrae are subjected to pressure.
  • Chance Fracture – Where the spine has flexed forward, and the vertebrae have separated.
  • Burst Fracture – A severe fracture where more than one vertebrae have been crushed.
  • Fracture-Dislocation – A combination of fractures and dislocation that leaves the back in an unstable condition.

Could I Be Eligible to Receive Free Private Spinal Fracture Treatment?

It is surprising how many people don’t realise that they could be eligible to receive private spinal fracture treatment for free. An extensive range of treatments are available, with different treatments throughout the UK. You can learn whether you are eligible to get access to one or more treatments by giving our friendly team a call today. The phone call is incredibly quick, and packs in all the information you need about eligibility for free medical treatments with private specialists.

Is There Any Helpful Treatment Available for a Fractured Back?

From assisting with fractured vertebrae treatment in elderly patients, to helping with rehabilitation after specialist spinal compression fracture treatment, the free private treatment available can be very beneficial on your route to a full healthy recovery. If you are eligible for free private care, you could receive invaluable medical supplies, or even access to high-quality physiotherapy treatment. Don’t delay in contacting us to find out which treatments are on offer near you for a fractured back.

How Long Does It Take for a Fractured Vertebrae to Heal?

The exact time it will take to recover from a fractured back will differ greatly from person to person. Some minor fractures will heal in around 8 to 10 weeks, while more serious fractures could take longer, such as the t12 compression fracture recovery time which could be as long as 3 months. Following the treatment guidelines and getting additional treatment, such as in the form of physiotherapy, could aid in reducing this recovery time.

Could the Recovery Time Be Decreased in a Safe Way?

Often, after fractured vertebrae NHS treatment, or private treatment, a course of physiotherapy is advised. This forms a vital part of rehabilitation after a fractured back injury, enabling patients to start walking with ease, and regain flexibility and strength in their back. Private physiotherapy treatments can be accessed for free by a large number of UK residents who have suffered from a fractured back. If you would like to learn about your own eligibility, give us a call today for more information.

Find out More About Free Private Treatment by Contacting Us Today

After a lumbar spine injury, it is important to focus on your recovery, so you can get back to what you love doing as soon as possible. With free private fractured back treatments, you could be on your way to recovery at a much quicker pace, without compromising your health. From vital medical supplies to professional treatments and rehabilitation plans, there are many wonderful fractured back treatments that you could be entitled to.

By calling Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868, you could find out which treatments are on offer in your local area, and whether you qualify to receive one or more of the treatments. The call only takes a few moments of your time, and our friendly team will ensure that you gain a full understanding of whether you qualify for free private treatment for your fractured back injury.