Fractured Cheekbone Guide

Suffering from a facial fracture can be an incredibly scary and worrying time. This is especially the case with a fractured cheekbone in a child or adult¬¬, which can be both painful and alarming as it is part of the cheekbones’ job to protect and support the eyeball. If you are suffering from a fractured cheekbone, it is important to seek the right treatment and take extra care during your rehabilitation. Our fractured cheekbone guide covers how to identify a fractured cheekbone, the treatments available, and possible complications.

What Is the Difference Between a Fractured Cheekbone and a Bruised Cheekbone?

Not everyone realises straight away that they have suffered from a fractured cheekbone, commonly mistaking it with a bruised cheekbone. There are a number of symptoms for a fractured cheekbone that can help you to identify your injury:

  • The cheek will look flat
  • There may be blood in the eye on the affected side of your face
  • You may have problems seeing
  • Potential of a fractured cheekbone causing numb teeth or face
  • Pain (especially in the jaw)

Is There Any Free Treatment I Could Qualify For?

A lot of people don’t realise it, but they could qualify to receive free medical treatment in their local area. The potential private treatments that you may be eligible for, range from advanced treatments and therapy to simple treatments that can make recovery easier. It is very simple to see if you could be eligible for treatment, and only takes 30 seconds. By giving a member of our friendly expert team a call, you could find out which treatment you could qualify for.

What Free Treatment Is Available for a Fractured Cheekbone?

For a fractured cheekbone, you could receive free ice packs to help with cheekbone injury swelling, or treatments like medical compresses, to help with the fractured cheekbone symptoms. NHS treatments are wonderful, but the extra assistance from free private treatments can also really help to speed up your recovery. To learn more about the treatments that you could be entitled to near you, don’t delay in contacting our team.

Is It Possible to Accelerate the Recovery Time in a Healthy Way?

Shockingly, many people don’t realise that they could qualify for free physiotherapy treatment to help them recover from a fractured cheekbone and eye socket damage. Physiotherapy can help will all manner of fractures, enabling you to return to a good quality of life, in many cases, a lot faster than normal. You can learn more about free physiotherapy treatment by contacting our team as soon as possible.

What Are the Complications with a Fractured Cheekbone?

There are multiple problems that can arise in broken cheekbone surgery both before and after. One of the main problems is with the nerve in your face that provides sensation to the cheek. This can be damaged during a fractured cheekbone, and potentially made worse during surgery to repair the area. Serious fractured cheekbone injuries may also cause permanent vision problems or result in permanent plates and screws having to be fixed to the area.

Don’t Delay in Contacting Us to See Whether You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

Just like millions of other people in the UK who are suffering from a fracture, like a fractured cheekbone, you may be able to qualify for free private medical treatment. The type of treatment available can vary from medical supplies to full orthopaedic report services and even access to high-quality professional physiotherapy. The additional treatment can help you to recover from your fractured cheekbone much quicker, with professional care that specialises in rehabilitation and recovery.

Our team at Medical Expert are always on hand to provide support and information, all it takes is a quick call to one of our friendly team members on 020 3870 4868. Just a few moments of your time are all that is required to learn whether you qualify for any free medical treatment for your fractured cheekbone. For a faster, healthier, and more comfortable recovery, give Medical Expert a call today.