Fractured Coccyx Guide

Injuring your coccyx, commonly referred to as the tailbone, can be a very painful and quite serious injury. You can injure your coccyx in many ways, from coccyx bruising to a dislocated coccyx, and in very severe cases, a fractured coccyx. Coccyx injuries are more common in women, as the area is much more exposed than in men. In our guide, you will learn about coccyx fracture recovery, treatment, and the rehabilitation options.

Can You Walk with a Broken Tailbone?

It is still possible, in most cases, to walk after receiving a fractured coccyx. However, it can often be very painful, especially right after the injury was sustained. For a lot people, the main coccyx pain causes are not walking, but sitting. It can take a very long time to completely recover to such a point where you can both walk and sit comfortably after a fractured coccyx injury.

What Private Treatment Could I Be Eligible to Receive for Free?

Were you aware that you could be eligible to receive free private medical treatment for your fractured coccyx? Whether you are recovering from broken tailbone surgery or require tailbone pain treatment to help you regain a good quality of life, there could be a free private treatment available in your local area. You can learn more about eligibility for free private medical treatments by contacting one of our friendly and professional team today.

Are There Any Treatments That Can Help with a Fractured Coccyx?

There are multiple treatments that can help with a safer and less painful recovery after broken tailbone surgery. From tailbone injury exercises via physiotherapy, to medical supplies like medical compresses and ice packs, there is a lot of diversity with the treatments available for free in the UK. All it takes to find out which treatments are on offer in your area, and whether you qualify, is a short call to a member of our professional team. In the space of 30 seconds, you could have all the information you need about a speedy recovery with free private treatments.

What Other Common Treatments for a Fractured Coccyx is There?

There are very few further medical treatments available for a fractured coccyx. Pain medication and an anti-inflammatory can be prescribed to help with the discomfort and swelling though. There are also tailbone pain treatment home remedy options, like using pillows to soften a surface when sitting. In cases where the fractured coccyx is serious, surgery may be the only option for there to be a chance at a good recovery. Additional treatments that can help include physiotherapy, which is a great way to regain motion, flexibility and function. This is an essential step in the rehabilitation process for many people who have suffered a fractured coccyx.

What Is the Best Way to Make My Recovery Faster but Sill Safe?

Physiotherapy is one of the best free treatments available for UK residents. The diverse ability of physiotherapy treatment can help with all manner of injury rehabilitation, including a fractured coccyx. Tailored tailbone injury exercises can help to put your body on the right course to recovery and regain essential movement and strength. To learn about the physiotherapy courses available in the UK, and whether you qualify to receive them, contact our team today.

Contact Our Team Today to Discover More About Eligibility for Private Treatments

Far too many people are unaware of the free private treatments on offer in the UK for those people who are suffering from a fractured coccyx, or other serious injuries. The type of free treatment ranges from the ability to claim medical supplies and simple treatments, like medical compresses, to much more advanced treatments. You could be eligible to receive help from a trained physiotherapist, or even have a full orthopaedic report created for you. With the help of the vast range of treatments, you can recover at a quicker pace, with a peace of mind over your improving health.

To learn which treatments are on offer, and if you are able to qualify for them, contact Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today. Just a few moments of your time now could enable you to have a healthier and faster recovery from your fractured coccyx.