Fractured Femur Guide

A fractured femur, or hip fracture, is a serious condition, which can have long-term effects. A broken femur in elderly people and woman, is fairly common, despite the strength of the femur. To recover full function and mobility, or as much that is possible after a fractured femur, physiotherapy is often required, with serious fractured femur injuries requiring physiotherapy courses on a regular basis during rehabilitation. Throughout our guide to fractured femur injuries, you’ll learn the main femur fracture symptoms, common treatments, the potential femur fracture complications, and physiotherapy benefits.

What Are the Main Femur Fracture Symptoms?

Serious fractured femur injuries could mean that you are very high up on the broken femur pain scale, while minor injuries may be less severe in terms of the extent of pain felt. There are 3 areas of the femur that can be fractured; the shaft, lower end, and head. Common types of fractured femur include; transverse fractures, spiral fractures, and oblique fractures. These can come with a multitude of different symptoms, which include:

  • Varying levels of pain
  • Possible bruising or swelling
  • Trouble rotating the leg
  • Difficultly lifting the leg
  • One leg being shorter than the other

Could I Be Eligible to Receive Free Private Treatment?

The right medical treatment has led to many broken femur recovery stories that have been very positive. Alongside the treatment provided by the NHS, private treatment is also available to help people in the UK recover from a fractured femur. Like many people in the UK, you could be eligible to receive private treatment for free.

Across the UK there are different free private treatments available to help patients start walking after a femur fracture, safely and quickly. To learn more about qualifying for fractured femur treatment from a private specialist, contact our team today.

What Free Treatment Is Available in My Local Area?

If you are suffering from a fractured femur, you could qualify to receive free private treatment in the form of crutches, ice packs, and medical compresses. These important medical supplies can help to accelerate the recovery time after a fracture femur accident, and aid with a healthy recovery. The types of treatment available in the UK varies from place to place, so give us a call today to see which treatments are available in your area, and whether you qualify to receive them.

Are There Any Femur Fracture Complications?

A fractured femur can be a life-threatening condition, especially if any of the main femur fracture complications arise. The fractured femur may get infected, blood clots may form, or you may contract pneumonia. It is very important to get medical attention as soon as you suspect that you have a fractured femur. It is also important to make sure that you have access to physiotherapy treatment ongoing, so you recover as much strength, motion, and flexibility as possible.

Are There Any Treatments That Could Help to Speed up My Recovery?

Did you know that physiotherapy sessions are also available for free in the UK? Physiotherapy is an essential part of rehabilitation for many types of serious and minor fractured femur injuries. Sessions with a specialist can help you to start walking easily again after your broken femur cast is removed and regain that important mobility. To see if you are eligible to get free fractured femur physiotherapy sessions with a professional physiotherapist, contact our team today.

Give Us a Call Today to Learn More About the Free Treatment Available

Shockingly, not everyone realises that they could be eligible to receive high-quality professional medical treatment for free after a fractured femur injury. To help you to get back on your feet quicker, and ensure the healthiest recovery possible, free private treatment for a fractured femur can be invaluable. Simple treatments to help with a comfortable recovery are available, along with advanced treatments to help you to regain mobility and flexibility.

Want to know more about free private treatments? You can call one of our friendly team members at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today to learn all about how free private treatment works, and whether you are eligible to receive one, or multiple treatments.