Fractured Hand Guide

The hand is one of the complex parts of the body, which makes a fractured hand a potentially very serious problem. While the experience of fracturing a hand can be painful, losing the ability to use one or both hands can be the worst part of the experience for many. There are 27 bones in the hand, meaning that there is considerable variation when it comes to the difference between the hand fracture types. In our guide, we cover the symptoms of a fractured hand, recovery time frame, and common treatments.

How to Tell If Your Hand Is Broken or Sprained?

When you injure yourself, it can often be difficult to look past the pain and identify just what the injury is. The complex nature of the hand and the extensive amount of ways it can be injured, can make it hard to identify the exact injury straight away. Two of the most commonly mistaken injuries are fractured hands and sprained hands. As a fractured hand will require quick medical treatment, such as in the form of a hand fracture splint, it is important to be able to tell the difference. Common fractured hand symptoms include:

  • High levels of pain
  • A numb feeling in the fingers or hand
  • Trouble moving your fingers due to stiffness
  • Tenderness, bruising, and swelling
  • Deformity

Could I Receive Private Medical Treatment for Free?

You could be eligible to receive additional medical treatment from private specialists in the UK. Many people are unaware that they can receive free private care for a fractured hand injury in the form of an extensive selection of treatments in the UK.

The professional, high-quality treatments, can speed up your recovery time in a safe and healthy way. Want to know more about qualifying for free private medical treatment? Give our friendly and helpful team a call today.

What Professional Treatments Are Available for Free?

Depending on where in the UK that you live, the treatments available for free may vary. However, many people are able to receive simple treatments and medical supplies, like ice packs and slings for their fractured hand. The treatments available also extend in some cases to expert physiotherapy sessions and full orthopaedic reports. To check what private treatments are in your area, give us a call today.

How Long Does It Take for a Broken Hand to Heal?

The hand fracture recovery time differs greatly depending on where in the hand you have fractured and how severe it is. In the case of open fractures, and especially those that require surgery, the recovery time could be considerably more, and will often also include a course of physiotherapy. It is possible for some hand fractures to heal in as little a time as 3 weeks.

Could Physiotherapy Speed up the Hand Fracture Recovery Time?

Most different hand fracture types can benefit from a course of physiotherapy treatment from a trained physiotherapist. Tailored exercises to help with the fractured hand symptoms can increase the mobility in your hand and help with rehabilitation. All over the UK, people who have suffered from a fractured hand injury are eligible to receive this invaluable additional care and support. To find out if you are also eligible, give our team a call today. It only takes 30 seconds to make the call, and our friendly staff will give you all the information you need about free fractured hand physiotherapy and your eligibility.

Give Us a Call Today to Find out If There Is Any Free Private Treatment You Qualify For

A fractured hand is a painful experience and many people aren’t aware that they can receive additional support in the form of free private medical treatment. From medical supplies to help the fractured hand recover, to treatments that can set you on the right path to a quick and healthy recovery, there is a vast variety of free private treatments on offer in the UK.

To learn more about whether you are eligible to receive free private treatment, and what treatment is available in your area for a fractured hand, contact our team at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today. All it takes is a quick chat with our friendly and professional team to get all the information you need about free private treatments.