Fractured Heel Guide

Fractured heel injuries, also known as calcaneal fractures, are very often caused by accidents involving falling or vehicle collisions. Fracturing your heel can be a painful experience, and one that is likely to leave you with decreased mobility during recovery. Due to this, physiotherapy is commonly advised to help with motion, flexibility, recovery time, and function. In our guide to fractured heel recovery, you will learn about the symptoms of a fractured heel, the treatments, and the time it takes to recover fully from a fractured heel.

What Does a Heel Stress Fracture Feel Like?

How a fractured heel feels is determined by how severe the injury is, which is sometimes diagnosed via a calcaneal stress fracture squeeze test. It is possible for the heel to fracture in multiple places, shatter, or cause damage to the cartilage, which can make the fractured heel much more painful, and harder to recover from. The most common symptoms of a fractured heel, include:

  • Minor to severe pain
  • Bruising or swelling around the injured area
  • Potential deformity in severe cases
  • Trouble walking or bearing weight

Could I Get Free Medical Treatments to Help Me Recover?

From heel stress fracture treatment to bruised heel bone recovery assistance, you may be eligible to receive additional private medical treatment in your local area. Surprisingly, a lot of people are unaware that they can claim for private medical treatment without having to pay for the high-quality expert service. The types of treatment available is different all over the UK, but the specialist services can greatly assist with a healthy recovery. To learn more about qualifying for these treatments, don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team today.

What Treatments Are Helpful for a Fractured Heel?

Which treatment you could be eligible for depends on your location within the UK, but there are multiple treatments that can help with calcaneus fracture recovery. Walking after treatment can be helped by the provision of crutches, and recovery can be enhanced by essential medical supplies, like medical compresses for inflammation and ice packs for swelling. You may also be eligible to receive advanced treatment as well, so it is worth giving us a call to see what is available in your local area for help with fractured heel recovery.

How Long Is the Calcaneus Fracture Recovery Time?

Commonly, surgery is needed in cases where the heel bone has been displaced. If surgery is required, then it may take longer for you to recover from a fractured heel. The fractured calcaneus recovery time without surgery can be substantially less, especially when combined with physiotherapy to regain strength and motion during rehabilitation. Normally, it is unadvised to put any strain on a fractured heel for up to 2 months after the injury was sustained.

Is There a Way That I Could Get Physiotherapy Treatment for Free?

It comes as a surprise to many, but private physiotherapy treatment can also be claimed for in the UK for free. Eligible people can claim for professional physiotherapy treatments in a comfortable and private setting with a trained expert physiotherapist. For a fractured heel, physiotherapy can greatly assist in accelerating recovery, but also ensuring that full motion and function is returned to the injured area. To enquire about free physiotherapy in your area, give us a call as soon as possible.

To Learn More About the Free Private Treatments Available Call Our Team Today

Many people are still unaware that a fractured heel injury could entitle them to receive free private medical treatments in their local area. The treatments available can help you to join the ranks of the positive calcaneus fracture recovery stories much more quickly; with physiotherapy for rehabilitation and essential medical supplies for a comfortable recovery process. There are a vast range of treatments available, all it takes is a call to our professional team at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868, to find out if you are eligible. Allow us to help you find the best free private treatment near you, so you can get back to focusing on your fast and healthy recovery.