Fractured Hip Guide

Suffering from a fractured hip is incredibly serious and requires immediate medical attention. A fractured hip can cause considerable pain both immediately, and ongoing through hip fracture recovery. Fracturing your hip can mean that your mobility is greatly affected, and treatments, like physiotherapy, are often required to return as much function, flexibility, and mobility, as is possible. During our guide, we explore the dangers of a fractured hip and the hip fracture classifications, along with recovery and treatment options.

Why Is a Hip Fracture So Dangerous?

It is well known that a fractured hip is a serious injury, but there are a number of reasons why. A fractured hip normally requires surgical intervention to repair the fracture and help the patient recover from the injury. The fracture itself has the potential to be life-threatening; immediately and in the months following the accident. There is a higher chance of a hip fracture occurring in elderly people as well, which is partially due to poorer vision, inability to balance as effectively, and less muscle mass. Mainly it is the complications that come attached to a fractured hip that make it so dangerous, no matter your age.

Hip Fracture Treatment Without Surgery

The type of treatment that you receive after a fractured hip can determine how well and how quickly you recover. Not all cases of a fractured hip will be treated with surgery, but it is advised in the vast majority of cases. The main alternative is bed rest, which can sometimes allow the hip to recover naturally. This could be accompanied with simple treatment to help the injury heal without surgery.

Could I Be Eligible for Free Private Medical Treatment?

While there are many fantastic NHS treatments, you may also be eligible to receive free private medical treatment. People all over the UK can be eligible for one or more of the free private treatments available that can help to speed up recovery time. For more information about qualifying for free private treatment, give our team a call today.

What Private Treatments Could I Receive for Free?

The types of fractured hip treatment available for free can vary depending on where you live in the UK. You may be able to receive medical supplies, like crutches, ice packs, and medical compresses, for your fractured hip. Some people are also eligible to claim physiotherapy services and orthopaedic services for their fractured hip. To see which treatments are available for free in your local area, contact us today.

Can You Still Walk with a Broken Hip?

Despite the serious nature of a hip fracture, it may still be possible to walk around. Where the symptoms aren’t too severe, like with some cases of hairline hip fracture symptoms, the hip fracture may not prevent you from walking. However, severe injuries could render you immobile to a high degree for a long period of time.

Is It Possible to Make My Recovery Faster and Safer?

Physiotherapy is often advised for patients who have suffered a fractured hip. A course of physiotherapy can help to increase the hip fracture recovery time in a safe and healthy way. Through physiotherapy, you can work to regain vital function in your hip, and improve your mobility going forwards. This can be especially beneficial for a hip fracture in elderly patients, where the recovery time can be longer.

Unknown to many, physiotherapy is available for free for a large number of people who have suffered from a fractured hip. If you would like to learn more about free physiotherapy treatments in your area, and if you are eligible to receive them, contact our team today.

Find out if You Qualify for Free Treatment by Contacting Us Today

It is shocking just how many people are unaware that they could be eligible to receive free private treatment to help them recover from a fractured hip. People all around the UK can qualify to receive support in the form of physiotherapy sessions, orthopaedic reports, and even essential medical supplies like ice packs and medical compresses. Access to these professional treatments can really help to accelerate the healing process and enable you to get back to a good quality of life.

If you think that your recovery could benefit from additional free private treatment, then contact Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868. The call only takes 30 seconds and can provide invaluable advice about eligibility for high-quality free medical treatment. Let us give you a hand during your recovery and ensure that you get the free private treatment that you are entitled to.