Fractured Jaw Guide

A fractured jaw is a relatively common facial fracture to sustain, normally occurring due to significant force to the area. This could be due to a vehicle accident, sporting injury, fall, or physical assault. While a fractured jaw is common, it does not make it any less painful. The treatment available can vary, with severe cases requiring the broken jaw to be wired shut. In our guide, we cover the fractured jaw symptoms and treatment options, including physiotherapy.

What Are the Main Symptoms of a Fractured Jaw?

The fractured jaw symptoms can be very unpleasant, and often quite painful. There is some variation between symptoms in different fracture types; for example, the hairline jaw facture symptoms are unlikely to be as extensive or painful as more serious fracture types, such as a communited or open fractured jaw. Common symptoms of a fractured jaw, include:

  • Pain and swelling in the jaw area
  • Numbness in the lower lip or chin
  • Trouble opening or closing the mouth properly
  • Bleeding and bruising inside of the mouth
  • Difficulty speaking or eating

Can a Broken Jaw Heal on Its Own Without Treatment?

It’s possible that a fractured jaw could heal without treatment, but as in the instance of all fractures, it’s important to seek medical attention. Minor fractured jaw injuries can recover with only simple treatment, like pain relief medication, but if the fractured jaw is not properly examined, you won’t be able to tell how serious the fractured jaw is. Leaving a broken jaw untreated could cause major problems.

Could I Be Eligible to Receive Free Private Treatment?

Want a little extra help on the road to recovery after a fractured jaw or broken chin injury? You may not be aware, but there is an extensive range of private treatments that are available for free in the UK. Many people are eligible to receive the additional treatments, all they need to do is claim for them. To learn whether you can qualify for the additional medical support in the form of free private medical treatment, give our team a call today.

Are There Any Helpful Treatments Available?

For a fractured jaw injury, you may be able to claim for medical supplies, like ice packs to help with minor jaw fracture swelling, or even medical compresses to assist with any inflammation. For a faster and safer recovery, physiotherapy courses are also available for some people who have suffered from a fractured jaw. Want to learn more about the treatments in your area? Give our friendly and professional team a call today.

What Is the Broken Jaw Recovery Time?

Minor fractured jaw injuries will normally heal substantially quicker than major fractured jaw injuries. The hairline fracture jaw recovery time, which in most cases is a minor injury, can be around 4 to 6 weeks. More serious conditions may require surgery, which could make the recovery time much longer. The right treatment, such as physiotherapy, could reduce the broken jaw recovery time.

How Can I Speed up My Recovery in a Safe Way?

A safe and healthy recovery is of the upmost importance after a fractured jaw injury, making any helpful treatment incredibly worthwhile. Physiotherapy is one of the best treatments available for rehabilitation after a fracture. A trained physiotherapist can advise you on the right exercises and therapy to help manage your condition and recover essential function.

Most people aren’t aware, but physiotherapy sessions can also be obtained for free by those who are eligible in the UK. For more information about physiotherapy services near you, and eligibility for free physiotherapy, don’t delay in contacting us.

Give Our Expert Team a Call Today to Learn More About Free Treatments

Surprisingly, many people still don’t fully understand that they could be eligible to receive high-quality private medical treatment for free if they have fractured their jaw. The treatments available in the UK are incredibly beneficial and very diverse, catering to a multitude of different injury types and recovery needs. There are orthopaedic report services and even professional physiotherapy courses available.

At Medical Expert, we strive to ensure that those people who are suffering from a fractured jaw, are able to receive the free medical treatment they are entitled to. You can give our friendly team a call on 020 3870 4868 at any time to learn more about the treatments on offer and whether you qualify. It only takes 30 seconds to get all the information you need about free private treatments in your area.