Fractured Knee Guide

A fractured knee, also known as a patellar fracture, is both incredibly painful and very difficult to manage. Fracturing your knee can make getting around and completing even basic tasks substantially more difficult. This is the case in all types of fractured knee injury, but the broken kneecap symptoms can be much more severe in serious cases of a fractured knee, such as where there is an open fracture or a communited fracture. In our guide, you can learn about identifying a fractured knee, the recovery timeline, and which treatments are available, such as physiotherapy.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Broken Knee Cap?

There is a lot of variation in the ways that you can fracture your knee, making difficult in some situations to know if it is really fractured. If you have fractured your knee severely, then the answer to, can you walk with a broken knee cap? Is very likely to be no. However, for some fractures, like hairline fractures, it could be possible to walk on a fractured knee. The hairline fractured kneecap symptoms are very often not as severe as those that accompany some serious injuries, like open fractures.

It is possible that the answer to the question, can you break your knee cap and not know it? Could be yes. However, many instances of a fractured knee come with severe symptoms; like pain, swelling, and a complete inability to walk. This also extends to being unable to put any weight on the area, or in most cases, even lift the knee at all.

Is It Possible to Receive Private Treatment for Free?

Millions of people in the UK are still unaware that they could be eligible to receive free private medical treatment for all manner of injuries, including a fractured knee. There is a massive range of treatments available, with the exact treatments on offer differing from place to place in the UK. Additional free treatment can really help you to recover quicker after a fractured knee. If you would like to learn more about eligibility for free private fractured knee treatment, contact us today.

What Private Treatments Are Available for Free?

If you have fractured your knee, there are multiple treatments that may be available in your local area for free. These include crutches, medical compresses, and even ice packs to help bring down the swelling in your knee. It only takes 30 seconds to give us a call and find out which treatments or services, like physiotherapy, are available in your local area.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Fractured Knee?

Many instances of a fractured knee will recover healthily within the space of 6 to 8 weeks. However, this is not a guaranteed time frame, and some situations will cause it to take much longer to recover after a fractured knee injury. Broken knee cap surgery can mean recovery time is increased, and similarly, a broken knee cap left untreated can cause complications that increase the time it takes to recover.

Is There a Way to Speed up My Recovery in a Safe Way?

To accelerate your recovery time, a course of physiotherapy can be invaluable to help increase motion and flexibility in your fractured knee. It is not widely known, but some people can be eligible to receive high-quality physiotherapy treatment alongside other free private treatment. For more information, give our team a call today.

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More About Free Private Treatment Eligibility

So many people in the UK don’t realise that they are eligible to receive free medical treatment for their fractured knee in a private setting. All it takes is a quick 30 second call to find out if you are eligible to receive advanced treatment, like physiotherapy, or simple but highly beneficial treatment, like the provision of medical supplies. For a safe, fast, and comfortable recovery, sometimes all it takes is a little extra support.

At Medical Expert, we can help you to get any free private treatment that you may be eligible for. You can call directly on 020 3870 4868, where one of our friendly and professional team will be waiting to give you all the information you need about the free medical treatment in your area, and whether you qualify to receive it.