Fractured Metatarsal Guide

A fractured metatarsal is when one of the metatarsal bones in the foot has been broken. There are five metatarsal bones in each foot, which are connected to the first phalanges of the toes. A fractured metatarsal could mean that one or more of the metatarsal bones have been broken. This can be an extremely painful experience, and very often reduces the mobility of a person considerably. In our guide to fractured metatarsal injuries, you can learn more about the types of fractured metatarsal, the treatment options, and the recovery time.

What Are the Different Metatarsal Fractures?

Suffering from a fractured metatarsal can mean that any of the metatarsal bones could be broken. There are a number of different types of metatarsal fracture, ranging in severity. An open fracture is one of the most severe, where the bone has penetrated the skin. This can require surgery to fix and can take much longer to heal than many instances of closed fractures. Similarly, displaced fractures, where the bones are misaligned, can be more difficult to treat than non-displaced fractures.

The way that the fractured metatarsal occurred, can determine how severe it may be and which metatarsal bone is damaged. An acute fracture, where the foot has had a direct injury, is very likely to cause a broken 5th metatarsal. Stress fractures are very different, commonly arising through overuse, and not often requiring such extensive rehabilitation.

Could I Be Eligible to Receive Free Private Medical Treatment?

Whether you need first metatarsal fracture treatment or 5th metatarsal fracture treatment, you may be eligible for free private fractured metatarsal treatment in the UK. There are a vast range of free treatments in the UK that can help with almost all injuries, dependent on which area of the UK that you reside in.

The treatments can help to lower your metatarsal fracture healing time in a safe way. For more information about qualifying for free private medical treatments in the UK, please contact one of our friendly team members today.

What Kind of Free Treatment Is Available That Can Help Me?

If you want to speed up your metatarsal fracture healing time, then the free treatment in the UK may be the answer. Different treatments are available, from physiotherapy to medical compresses and medical supplies. Residents all over the UK are able to claim for some or all of the free treatments available. To find out if you can also make a claim for assistance with fractured metatarsal recovery in the form of free private treatment, get into contact with our team as soon as possible.

What Is the Metatarsal Fracture Healing Time?

There is no guarantee for how long a fractured metatarsal will take to recover. The 5th metatarsal fracture healing time could be very different to the 3rd metatarsal fracture healing time. Simple fractures, such as a 4th metatarsal fracture that is closed, may only take around 2 months to heal. More serious metatarsal fractures can take much longer. Physiotherapy is often advised in the instance of a fractured metatarsal, to help regain function in the foot.

Is There Any Free Treatment That Can Speed up My Recovery Time Safely?

Physiotherapy can help to speed up the recovery time of all manner of injuries, from serious to minor injuries, including a fractured metatarsal. A course of physiotherapy may be able to help with the metatarsal stress fracture symptoms and enable you to recover faster in a safe environment. You can discover more about the free physiotherapy treatments by contacting our team. A few moments of you time is all it takes to learn whether you are eligible for physiotherapy for your fractured metatarsal, and if there are any treatments in your local area.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Free Treatment You Could Qualify For

Like millions of people in the UK, you could be eligible for free private treatment to help you recover from your injury. There are many treatments available for people who are suffering from a fractured metatarsal. These could include the provision of medical supplies, like ice packs or medical compresses. You could even be eligible for physiotherapy and orthopaedic care to help speed up your recovery. With the right free private treatment, you can get back to work, and enjoying the things that you love, much quicker.

If you think that additional free private treatment could benefit your recovery from a broken or fractured metatarsal, then contact our team at Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868. It only takes 30 seconds for us to check whether you qualify for private treatment, and which treatment is available in your area. If you are suffering from a fractured metatarsal, don’t delay in contacting us today.