Fractured Nose Guide

A fractured nose could be caused by either a fracture in the bone, or broken nose cartilage. Most cases of a fractured nose are not very severe, although that does not stop them from being very painful and in many situations, irritating. However, while most instances of a fractured nose are minor, there is the possibility of a severe fracture, which can mean that surgery could be required. By reading our guide, you will learn about the common fractured nose symptoms, the fractured nose healing time, and common treatments available.

What Are the Main Fractured Nose Symptoms?

It is important to be able to identify if you have a fractured nose or something less serious, like a bruised nose, so you can get the right medical attention for your injury. In some cases, a broken nose splint may be needed, or a doctor may have to manipulate the area to realign your nose. The symptoms of a fractured nose vary from person to person, and amongst the different types of fractured nose injury. Common fractured nose symptoms include:

  • Severe pain around the nose
  • Deformity
  • Trouble breathing through the nose
  • The sound of a crunch or crack when you feel your nose
  • Possible redness and swelling in the area

Am I Eligible to Receive Free Private Medical Treatments?

Millions of people are eligible to get free medical treatment with a private specialist for a fractured nose injury. There are many different treatments available up and down the UK, from advanced services to simple support and care.

These treatments can do wonders for your recovery after a fractured nose, allowing you to get the extra support that you may be entitled to. For more information about eligibility for free private treatment, give our team a call today.

What Free Broken Nose Treatment Options Are Available?

A fractured nose could mean that you can get free medical supplies in the form of medical compresses to assist with inflammation, or ice packs to help with swelling, amongst many other treatments. You could also gain access to advanced treatments, like free orthopaedic services, which can help answer the question, how to fix a broken nose?

Many people are able to claim for free private treatment in the UK for a fractured nose, and all manner of other serious injuries. Want to know more about the treatments in your local area? Contact our friendly and professional team as soon as possible.

How Long Is the Fractured Nose Healing Time?

A broken nose in a child or adult often takes around 3 weeks to heal. This is normally a very natural healing process, without much additional treatment. However, the time frame is not set in stone, and can change from case to case. Certain treatments could help to speed up the fractured nose healing time, while severe nose breaks will take longer to heal.

What Further Treatment Could I Qualify For?

Did you know that physiotherapy is one of the many treatments that you could be eligible to receive? Physiotherapy is a highly beneficial way to get your body back to full health during the rehabilitation stage. You can call our friendly team to discuss eligibility for free physiotherapy treatment in your area. The call just takes 30 seconds, and we will give you all the information you need about physiotherapy sessions near you, and how to qualify.

Get into Contact with Our Team for More Information About Private Treatments in Your Area

Getting the right treatment can help you on the way to a safe and fast recovery, but many people are still unsure whether they qualify for free additional private treatment for their fractured nose. The high quality free treatments can be simple, like medical supplies, or advanced, like orthopaedic and physiotherapy sessions. Access to these treatments can really help to speed up your recovery after a fractured nose.

For more information about qualifying for fractured nose treatment with a private specialist, give Medical Expert a call on 020 3870 4868. Our expert team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about free private medical treatment in the UK.