Fractured Patella Guide

One of the most serious fractures in the leg is a fractured patella. The patella, also called the knee cap, performs an essential function in our legs, allowing the leg to bend and move. A fractured patella must be treated quickly and correctly for as much function to be returned to the knee as possible. This means that often a patella fracture rehab protocol needs to be followed, which very often includes extensive physiotherapy. We cover fractured patella symptoms, recovery, and physiotherapy in our fractured patella recovery guide.

What Are the Most Common Patella Fracture Symptoms?

There are multiple types of fractured patella injury that could occur, some are very serious, and some are minor and can be recovered from quickly. This also means that there is a variance in the symptoms, with the hairline fractured kneecap symptoms likely to be not as bad a those in an open fracture. Common patella fracture symptoms, include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Trouble Walking
  • Issues Straightening the Knee

Can You Walk with a Fractured Kneecap?

It is still possible in some cases, especially in the instance of a minor fracture, to be able to walk on a fractured patella. However, the symptoms mean that it is unlikely to be comfortable or pain free. You also risk damaging the fractured patella even more.

Is There Any Free Private Treatment I Could Qualify For?

There are people all over the UK that don’t know that they could be eligible to receive free private medical treatment for their fractured patella. Depending on where in the UK that you live, there are different free treatments available that can help you recover from a fractured patella. To get more information about qualifying for the free fractured patella treatments, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

What Treatments Are Available for a Fractured Patella?

The free private treatment on offer in the UK for a fractured patella ranges from medical supply provision, like medical compresses, crutches, and ice packs, to advanced treatment courses with a physiotherapist. To find out what free treatments are available near you, you can give one of the expert members of our team a call today. The call can take less than a minute and will contain everything that you need to know about free private medical treatments and eligibility to receive them.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Fractured Patella?

In situations where the fractured patella is only minor, a good recovery could be made in between 6 and 8 weeks. Like the majority of fracture injuries, this can be longer if the fractured patella is more severe. A broken knee cap untreated could also prolong the recovery time significantly and do a lot of harm to the leg. Physiotherapy is essential for many patients to make a full recovery, and can also speed up the recovery process.

What Rehabilitation Is Available for a Fractured Patella?

Rehabilitation is a large part of the recovery process after a fractured patella. One of the best forms of rehabilitation is physiotherapy. Professional physiotherapy can help to reduce the patella fracture surgery recovery time in a safe and healthy way, encouraging motion and function to return to your fractured patella. It can even help with the fractured patella recovery time when no surgery was required. If you think that physiotherapy could benefit your rehabilitation, then make sure you give us a call today to see if you could be eligible to receive free physiotherapy courses in your local area.

Get into Contact with Us Today to Discover More About Free Private Treatment

Shockingly, most people don’t understand what additional treatment is available for a fractured patella, or that they could be eligible to receive private medical treatments for free. You could be eligible to receive one or many treatments for free in your local area. This could be simple treatment or support, like obtaining essential medical supplies and equipment. It could even involve physiotherapy courses and full orthopaedic reports.

You can call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 at any time to discuss the options open to you for free medical treatment with private specialists in the UK. For a safe, healthy, and quick recovery after a fractured patella, let us help you get access to high-quality free private treatment today.