Fractured Rib Guide

The rib cage is designed to protect many of our vital organs, including the lungs and heart. The human body has twenty-four ribs, in twelve pairs. The importance of our ribs means that sustaining a fractured rib can be an incredibly troubling time and result in severe damage in the most serious of cases. However, unlike many broken bones, they are normally left to heal by themselves, unless the fractured rib is serious, and surgery is required. In our guide, we cover the difference between a bruised rib and a fractured rib, rib fracture treatment guidelines, and rehabilitation.

How Do I Know If My Ribs Are Bruised or Broken?

It may seem like there would be a substantial difference between a bruised rib and a fractured rib, but surprisingly, they are very similar. There is a little variance in the symptoms that can be felt when receiving a fractured rib, such as cracked rib symptoms but no bruising, so you can’t easily tell through the symptoms if a rib is bruised or fractured. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference is through an x-ray, but as bruised and fractured ribs are generally treated the same, most doctors won’t suggest that it is worth taking one.

Could I Be Eligible for Free Private Medical Treatment?

There are multiple different types of private treatment services that are free to certain UK residents. Each area of the UK has a unique selection of free treatments that can help you to recover much more quickly from a fractured rib, cracked rib, or pulled muscle. For more information about eligibility for private treatment, are team are always on hand to answer any questions.

Are There Any Helpful Treatments Available?

The treatments available vary from place to place in the UK and depend on the injury that you have. For patients who are suffering from a fractured rib, medical supplies like icepacks can help with swelling and medical compresses can help with inflammation. There are a large number of UK nationals that are eligible to claim for free private medical assistance. To learn which treatments are available in your local area, you can contact our team at any time. A call can take less than 30 seconds and leave you will all the information that you need about free medical treatments in the UK.

What Do Doctors Do for Broken Ribs?

As the ribs are responsible for protecting some of the most vital organs in the body, you may expect the treatment for a fractured rib to be extensive. However, as fractured ribs can’t be splintered with ease, treatment often just involves rest and time to recuperate. If you are having trouble with the pain and wondering, why do broken ribs hurt more at night? Then painkillers, ice packs, rest, and little exertion can help. Physiotherapy is also a very good option for a faster recovery.

How Can I Make My Recovery Quicker Without Compromising My Health?

Did you know that physiotherapy treatments are also available for free in the UK? It is not well known, but many people who have suffered from a broken rib in their back or front are eligible for physiotherapist care. Physiotherapy can help you to recover motion, function, and flexibility after an accident that resulted in a fractured rib. To discover more about the physiotherapy treatment available in the UK for free, contact us today.

Contact Our Team Today to Discover More About Eligibility for Private Treatments

There is an extensive range of treatment available to UK residents for free. While the NHS does a wonderful job, access to these additional free private treatments can do wonders for your recovery after an accident which resulted in a broken or fractured rib. In some cases, you may be eligible for medical supplies and further treatment, while certain injuries can also mean that you could be eligible for a full orthopaedic report or physiotherapy treatment.

To learn more about the treatments on offer, and which you may be eligible to receive, you can contact Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. Our friendly team will be on hand to answer your questions and provide all the information you need about how to qualify for free private treatment and which treatment is available in your area.