Fractured Shoulder Guide

There are three common types of fractured shoulder injury; a scapular fracture (broken shoulder blade), a proximal humerus fracture (broken upper arm), and a clavicle fracture (broken collarbone). Each kind of fractured shoulder injury can cause severe pain, and result in the injured area being tender, swollen, and potentially bruised. Due to the severity of a fractured shoulder injury, it can take time and patience for a healthy recovery, often leaving many people having to undergo major adjustments to their daily life. Our guide covers the common causes of a fractured shoulder, the time it takes to heal, and the common treatments.

What Are the Common Causes of a Fractured Shoulder?

You can sustain a fractured shoulder in a multiple of ways. Vehicle accidents, falls that cause a traumatic impact (such as where the arm is outstretched), and sudden impact, are common causes of a fractured shoulder. Many fractured shoulder injuries sustained are to the humerus, which can be broken in multiple places. It is often the case that a broken shoulder in elderly people means a proximal humerus fracture, which can occur when trying to stop yourself from falling.

Could I Receive Free Private Treatment for My Fractured Shoulder?

Depending on the severity of the fractured shoulder injury, a patient may or may not require broken shoulder NHS treatment in the form of surgery. Commonly, a fractured shoulder can be treated with a broken shoulder sling or broken shoulder cast. However, most people don’t realise that they may be eligible for additional help through free private medical treatment.

All over the UK there are free medical treatments available to people who have suffered from a fractured shoulder. These treatments vary from place to place in the UK, offering additional help to those who are eligible. To find out if you could be eligible for free private fractured shoulder treatment in your local area, contact our team today.

What Free Treatment Could Be Helpful for My Injury?

For a fractured shoulder injury, you could be eligible to receive free ice packs, medical compresses, and fractured shoulder slings to help with your recovery. There is a vast range of free private treatments in the UK that can help with different steps of the recovery process after a fractured shoulder. If you would like to learn more about the specific medical treatments in your area, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

What Is the Shoulder Fracture Healing Time?

For simple fractures, where there are no complications, and the break was not severe, the fracture could heal in around 6 weeks. However, there is no guarantee how long your fractured shoulder will take to heal. Different injuries take a different amount of time to heal, the proximal humerus fracture healing time for example, can vary significantly from the clavicle healing time in many cases. The fractured shoulder recovery time in elderly patients can also be a little longer.

Could Physiotherapy Help with My Fractured Shoulder?

It is understandable that after suffering from a fractured shoulder injury, that you want to recover as quickly as possible, and get back to doing what you enjoy. One of the best ways to enhance your healing, is through physiotherapy treatment. Through tailored fractured shoulder recovery exercises, you can start to regain the function and mobility in your shoulder much quicker. Many people don’t realise it, but it is possible to be eligible for free private physiotherapy treatments to help with your fractured shoulder. If you would like to know more about free physiotherapy eligibility, contact our team today.

Contact Us Today to Discover If You Could Qualify for Free Private Medical Treatment

Free private medical treatment can help you on your way to a speedy recovery after suffering from a fractured shoulder, but many people just don’t know that they could be eligible to receive it. The treatment available for free in the UK is very diverse. You could receive medical supplies to help with your fractured shoulder, or even ongoing support in the form of physiotherapy sessions. Some people are even eligible to have a full orthopaedic report created for them.

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